Unit7 Jobs Lesson 13说课稿


Unit7  Jobs  Lesson 13说课稿

Unit7 Jobs Lesson 13说课稿

Part Ⅰ: Analysis of the Teaching Material Ⅰ、 My understanding of the material

1.Lesson 13 is the first lesson of Unit 7 taken from Fujian Education Press, Book 6. It is about different kinds of jobs. After studying this lesson, it is hoped that the Ss will be able to talk about their ideal career. 2.Lesson 13 plays a very important part in Unit7. It provides the words and sentences of occupations, and it also encourage the Ss to express themselves in daily life. In this lesson, Ss can also improve their listening, reading and speaking abilities. II、 Teaching aims and demands 1. Knowledge aims:

1) The Ss can listen, read and say the new words.

2) To enable the Ss to understand and speak, “What do you want to be……?I want to be a---.Because---\ 2. Ability aims:

1) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and acting 2) To use these new words and expression in real situations. 3) To develop the Ss’ ability of communication and innovation. 3. Moral aims:

1)To foster the Ss’ consciousness of good cooperation and proper competition.

2)To stimulate Ss' interest in learning English.

3)To educate the Ss' to study hard and set a life goal for future jobs. Ⅲ、Teaching key and difficult points:

1. Key points: To help the Ss listen, read and say the sentences and master the new words.

2. Difficult point: To help the Ss express the new sentences in real situation.

IV、Teaching aids:

Multimedia, tape recorder, and cards Part II:Analysis of the Teaching Methods

Based on the New English Course Standard and the teaching material, I'll adopt the following teaching methods to support my teaching: Tasked-based teaching, communicative approach, situational teaching and games .Besides, the teaching material is arranged from easy to difficult ,from known to unknown. I also want to use real objects and pictures to arouse the Ss' interest in learning English.. Part III:Students' Learning Methods

By studying this lesson, the Ss have learned to arrange their learning activities in an orderly way and step by step. That is,prepare lessons before class, participate in activities in class, and review in time after class.

Part IV:Teaching Procedure and purposes of my designing

Before the class, I'll divide the whole class into four groups to make a competition in the class .At the end of the class ,the best group can get a box of little stars. Step1 Warming-up 1.Greetings.

2.Let’s say and do. \

3.Free talk. Ss talking each other. (Purpose: To create a better English learning atmosphere for the Ss, focus their attention in the class and lead in the topic naturally.) Step2 Presentation 1.Learn the new words.

(1) Draw a picture of nurse and lead in the topic.

T: I'm a teacher. You are students.(Review the words, teacher and student.) But when I was a child , I wanted to be a nurse. (2) Teach the word\

(3) Show the pictures of the jobs and make Ss learn the new words.(pilot, farmer, singer ,worker ,policeman ,worker ,policeman, doctor) (4) Look at the screen and say the words. “What are the same?” (Show the words :teacher, singer, dancer, farmer, worker.) These words are end of “er”.

(5) Teamwork time. Learn the words each other.

(6) Play a game\’s missing?\

group can get two little steps. (Purpose: This is to enable every student to practice the new word.) 2. Learn the sentence patterns.

(1)Write down the new sentence patterns and explain them. ----What do you want to be? ----I want to be a--- ----Because---

(2)Let Ss practice the sentence patterns in pairs. (3)Learn the text

1)With the help of CAI to present the dialogue .Set a situation to help Ss understand what Peter and Li Hong are talking about. And find out the unstudied words.

2)Play a game--Rushing to answer.

Play the video again and lead Ss to answer the following questions: What does Peter want to be? Why?

What does Li Hong want to be? Why?(Give the best group 3 little steps) 3)Play it a third time. Let the Ss listen and imitate the dialogue. (Purpose: CAI can provide a real situation for Ss to understand the dialogue ,and it also improves Ss' speaking and listening abilities. Step 3 Practice

1.Finish the second part\ Divide the Ss into 4 groups to have a competition. Find out which group is the best.

2.After 5 mins, each group is supposed to send a pair to present it. (Purpose: Task-based teaching is used here to develop Ss' sense of cooperation and proper competition.) Step 4 Consolidation

Finish the third part\better and faster. (Purpose: To consolidate the learnt knowledge.) Step 5 Homework

1.Review the new words and sentences.

2.Do a survey \

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