our favourite festival is the spring festival教学设计


our favourite festival is the spring festival教学设计

《Our favourite festival is the Spring Festival》 教学设计

一、教学目标 1.语言知识目标:

①能听说认读单词:moon cake, race, lantern, hang, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Lantern Festival

②能听懂会说句型:Our favourite festival is.... We ....

2.语言技能目标:能够运用Our favourite festival is.... We ....介绍自己喜爱的节日并对每个节日所开展的传统活动进行描述。

3.情感态度目标:培养学生热爱和宣传中国文化,增强世界意识和跨文化交流的能力。 二、教学重难点

1.教学重点:学生能够运用Our favourite festival is.... We ....介绍自己喜爱的节日并对每个节日所开展的传统活动进行描述。

2.教学难点:①the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Lantern Festival的读音。 ②正确描述各个节日的不同传统习俗。 三、教学过程 Step1 Warming up 1. Greetings 2.Sing a song:

《Twinkle twinkle little star》 Step2 Lead in

1.Revision: Christmas, Flag Day, Thanksgiving


2.Free talk: What do you know about Chinese festivals? 3. Introduce the topic。 Step3 Presentation

1. Words learning: the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Lantern Festival, the

Dragon Boat Festival)


2. Look at some pictures to know the important festivals. Spring Festival——have a special meal

Lantern Festival——hang lanterns, eat yuanxiao

Dragon Boat Festival——see the dragon boat race, eat zongzi Mid-Autumn Festival——eat moon cakes Step4 Text learning 1.Listen to the tape. 2.Read after the teacher.

3.Ask some students to read and translate. 4.Answer the follow questions: 1)What do we do on Spring Festival? 2) What do we do on Lantern Festival? 3) What do we do on Dragon Boat Festival? 4) What do we do on Mid-Autumn Festival? Step5 Practice

1.根据课文内容,选择正确答案。 2.英汉互译。

3.Make a dialogue with partner. A:What's your favourite festival? B:My favourite festival is the…… A:What do you do on …… B:We ………… What about you?

A:My favourite festival is…… B:What do you do on …… A:We……… Step6 Chant I am me(clap clap)

and you are you.(clap clap) I am me and you are you.

Now let's see what we can do. We can jump. and we can run.

We can jump and we can run.(clap clap) We're having lots of fun.(clap clap) Step7 Homework

Write a short passage about your favourite festival. e.g.Spring Festival

My favourite festival is Spring festival. We eat a big family dinner . We -------------

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