2. When you’re doing an exam that involves (涉及) long answers, it is a good idea to leave some space at the end of the answer so that you can add any extra comments that might come to mind when you reread your paper.

3. Don’t spend all of your time only on questions that you know the answer to because you will get a worse mark for answering some questions very well and some not at all.

4. It is worth taking a little extra time to make sure that your handwriting is neat. Then the examiner will be able to read it! Try to avoid spelling mistakes too!

5. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed. 6. Keep calm. If you feel yourself getting worried, take a deep breath.

7. Don’t try to discuss the exam after you’ve finished it. If you’ve got different answers from your friends, there’s no point worrying about it.

8. Once an exam is over, just forget about it. There is nothing more you can do about it. The best thing you can do is to go home and prepare for the next one. 25. You can get a better mark if ______.

A. you spend all of your time on questions that you are not good at B. you discuss the answers with your friends after exams C. you go over your notes carefully for the exam

D. you spend most of your time on questions that you know well 26. The passage is probably written for ______. A. people who mark exam papers C. high school teachers

B. people who take exams D. language learners

27. The underlined word “avoid” in the passage most probably means “______”. A. check out C. think about

B. go over

D. prevent something from happening C

Printing images is easy. Just select an image of a purple robot on your PC, for example, and

press print. Your home printer exactly shoots drops of ink onto a flat piece of paper, creating the robot’s 2-D image. “Printing” 3-D objects is different. Take the purple robot. First select a file of the 3-D printer. Immediately, the printer begins making noise, and a nozzle (喷嘴) releases plastic material in thin layers. In two or three hours, a 3-D purple robot is standing before you.

3-D printing has developed to the point where printers can now create high-quality objects using a variety of materials, including metals. That means 3-D printers can now make final products that meet high industrial standards. 3-D printers are already being used to make parts for racecars and jets as well as man-made limbs and hearing aids.

So far, few homes have 3-D printers. That’s because 3-D printing is not only new to most people but also quite expensive. To bring 3-D printing to the masses, some retail stores (零售商店) plan to offer the service. For example, the Staples chain of office supply stores has announced that it will offer 3-D printing in Europe beginning in 2013. Customers will be able to submit their own 3-D designs to Staples website for printing. After the job is done, they’ll pick up their item at a nearby Staples store or have it mailed to their homes. This service is sure to encourage many more people to try out 3-D printing.

28. According to this article, who are 3-D printed parts already helping?

A. People with physical disabilities. C. People who lack suitable housing

B. People in the solar energy field D. People in need of computer skills

29. What will customers need in order to submit their designs to Staples?

A. A credit card account C. Professional experience

B. Its local phone number D. Access to the Internet

30. What does the writer of this article imply about 3-D printing?

A. Its inventor is famous

B. Its future looks bright.

D. It will be of little use.

C. It is still quite cheap.

31. What do we learn about the 3-D purple robot?

A. How long it can usually last

B. How it can darken its own color

C. How it gradually takes shape D

D. How much it costs to produce

Madrid, capital of Spain, is a city with large numbers of historic sites resting in the shadows of modern skyscrapers.

This city of over 3, 23 million people, up from 2,88 million in 2000, is proud of Western Europe’s royal palace, considered by many to be Madrid’s most beautiful building. Inside the Royal Palace 2,800 rooms are decorated with museum-quality furniture and artwork.

The internationally loved Prado Museum is the largest and most impressive art gallery in Spain. Opened in 1819, it is filled with works of art that include the world’s most comprehensive collection of Spanish paintings.

Spain is famous for its delicious ham, and there’s no better place to try it than at Museo del Jamón, which has five branches around the city. Hanging from the ceiling of each branch are dozens of hams of different types and flavors. Taste them in the bar.

Madrid had some of Europe’s best shopping. For 500 years, shoppers have gathered to a large outdoor flea market (跳蚤市场) known as the Rastro, where they find everything from antiques (古董) to CDs.

Get a great view of the city from Teleferico de Madrid. This cable car (缆车) takes you on a 2.5kilometer trip 40 meters above the Manzanares River and Casa de Campo park. For a refreshing choice, relax beside the swimming pool on the roof of the Emperador Hotel. Enjoy delicious desserts and drinks while viewing the city, or take a dip in the cool water.

No trip to Madrid is complete without seeing a performance of Spain’s famous art form, flamenco. Every day, flamenco performers sing, dance or play the guitar in small cafes and grand theaters alike.

32. What can readers learn about Madrid from this article?

A. How it develops its attractions. C. How its population has changed

B. How it will continue to improve

D. How its lovely parks came into being

33. Which of the following should you not visit if you suffer from a fear of heights?

A. The Royal Palace C. The Museo del Jamón

B. The Prado Museum D. The Teleferico de Madrid

34. What can we learn about the Rastro from the article?

A. The fascinating story behind its creation C. The very low entrance fee that it charges location

35. In which magazine would this article most likely appear?

A. Best Relaxation Destination C. Foreign Affairs Quarterly

B. Modern Country Living

D. Fashion News

B. The variety of goods on offer there D. The convenience of its downtown

第二节 阅读短文,从七个选项中选出5个最佳选项,完成短文,共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分。

Public Speaking Training

·Get a coach

36 , so get help. Since there are about a billion companies out there all ready to offer you public speaking training and courses, here are some things to look for when deciding the training that’s right for you. ·Focus on positives

Any training you do to become more effective at public speaking should always focus on the positive aspects of what you already do well. Nothing can hurt confidence (信心) more than being told that you aren’t doing well. 37 , so good public speaking training should develop those instead of telling you what you shouldn’t do. ·38

If you find a public speaking course that looks as though it’s going to give you lots of dos and don’ts, walk away! Your brain is so full of what you’re going to be talking about. 39 . As far as we’re concerned, there are basically no hard and fast rules about public speaking. Your audience can be your friends.