4. A terrible disease has just broken out in Europe and it has caused a number of d_______ in some

European countries.

5. Many middle school students like reading Harry Potter, i_______ me 四十七. 根据括号里所给的汉语写出英语单词.(2011年江苏南京)

1. It’s the ________(第一) time for Nanjing to build the Asian Bike Show. It’s sure to be a great


2. We should thank all our ________(老师) for their help, care and love during the past three years. 3. Harry keeps exercising every morning. As a result, he’s a few kilos _______(轻的) than he used

to be.

4. —Kitty, why do you look so happy today?

—I happened to meet an friend of _______(我的) in the Confucius Temple this morning.

5.It’s reported that Shen Jian, director of the Provincial Education Department of Jiangsu, was _____(采访) by 11 primary school students about some present issues. 四十八. 根据括号里所给的汉语或首字母写出英语单词.(2011年乌鲁木齐)

1. Mr. Wang is always the first to get to school and the l______ to leave school.

2. Kanas Lake is a very beautiful place. A large number of ______(旅游者) come here to enjoy

themselves every year.

3. Dao Lang’s songs are quite _______(流行的) today in the whole country.

4. There is too much noise in the classroom. Please speak more ________(大声地). 5. Li Hua was b_______ in a small town of the northwest in 1996.

四十九.单词拼写(根据所给的汉语注释,写出各单词的正确形式)(2011年内蒙古包头) 1. Our knowledge of the universe is ________(增长)all the time. 2. The ________(女)teachers will take part in the game next week. 3. Have you got any English books on those ________(书架)?

4. Please read the________(说明)before you operate the machine, 5. She was the ________(十九)to arrive here. 6. It is impolite to jump the________(排队).

7. Do you know where trains are________(生产)? 8. Go________(直接)to school without stopping.

9. I haven't________(收到)a letter from my brother yet. 10. Are you sure it's nothing________(严重性)?

五十. 根据下列句子的意思及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出所缺单词(2011年恩施) 1. Help y____________ to some cakes, children.

2. In most western countries, people don’t eat with c_______, they use knives and forks. 3. I’m _________ (渴的), I want to buy a bottle of water.

4. Mid-autumn Festival is one of the Chinese t_________ festivals.

5. She’s ______ (分) the watermelon into twenty pieces and given them to each student. 答案: 1. yourselves 2. chopsticks 3.thirsty 4. traditional 5. divided 五十一、根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。(2011年无锡) 6. As we know, oil always __________ (漂浮) on water.

7. He __________ (点头) to me in greeting when I entered the room.

8. We are very __________ (自豪) that a pupil from our school has won the prize. 9. They all hurried __________ (往楼上) to see what was going on.

10. There was __________ (沉默) for a moment and then someone made a useful suggestion. 五十二、根据句意和首字母或汉语提示写出句中所缺单词 (2011年毕节)

1.Zhijin Cave is known as the most beautiful underground (宫殿) in the world. 2.Susan usually has some pieces of b and a bottle of milk for breakfast. 3.In English the first name is the g name.


4.Spring is the best time for p trees. 5.— Excuse me.Are you f now? — Sorry,I’m very busy.

6.It’s ten (分钟) walk.

7.He (使用) a lift to go up and down every day. 8.Food must be (保存) in cool places in summer. 9.We often listen to our teacher (认真) in class.

10.With the d of computer science,more and more work will be done by computer.



单词拼写(1) 1. –What does he look (像)? –He is of medium height.

2. I am very ____________ (饿). I want to buy some food to eat. 3. –How’s the weather today? –It’s (晴朗的). 6. Shanghai is a __________________(繁忙的) city.

7. He is a __________________(幸运的) dog. 8. –What would you do if you had a million dollars?

–I’d give it to medical ______________ (研究). 9. English is very____________________ (重要的) and many people enjoy learning it.

单词拼写(2) 1. I hope you’re feeling (更好)soon. 2. He has a good idea to (解决) the problem. 4. There’s a bank near the post office. We can (节约)our money there. 5. Would you mind (关) down the radio? The boy is doing(做) his homework.

7. Most of the teenagers can deal with their problems _____________(容易地)now. 8. They are _________________(友好的)to each other. 9. His uncle is a ________________ (科学家). He works in Beijing1单词拼写(3) 1. It’s impolite to ______________ (指向)at others with chopsticks at table. 2. This is an _____________ (空的)box. Could I have a full one, please?

4. Would you mind not making a loud ___________ (噪音)here? Your father is sleeping. 5. If we do our homework more carefully, we will make fewer _____________(错误). 6. Don’t ____________(浪费)any water. We should save it. 7. “ _____________(安全)is the first” he said to all the workers. 9. He is neither blind nor _____________(聋的). He can see and hear anything well. 10. We should learn to ______________(拒绝)the bad things.

单词拼写(4). 4. He often (借)books to us. And we return them to him as soon as

possible. 5. Of four (季节), I like autumn best, because it’s cool.

6. Ruth loves to tell a ____________ (笑话). 7. -Could you please take out the trash? -With ______________ (乐意). 9. I didn’t ____________ (赶上) the last bus, so I had to take a taxi home last night. 10. We’ll have tea in the garden ____________(代替)of in the sitting-room. 单词拼写(5) 1. -When was the telephone _____________(发明)? -In 1876.

2. He is ___________(渴). He wants something to drink. 3. Lucy spoke too (快) and I couldn’t follow her. 5. Teachers’ Day is (九月)10th.

6. The computer is too expensive. I don’t have _____________ (充足的) money to buy it. 7. -_______________(谁的)backpack is this? -Oh, it’s Lily’s.

8. I will feel _____________(自豪的)when I see the national flag of China.

9. -What do you think of soap operas? -I can’t (忍受) them.. 10. I like soft music. It always makes me_______________(轻松的).

单词拼写(6) 3. We visited a small village in Gansu Province. The ______________(村民) there are really friendly. 4. He was upset, because he didn’t ___________(通过) the math test again last week. 7. The weather report says that tomorrow will be ________________ (阴天).

8. Eating more vegetables and less meat can make you ____________ (健康的). 9. Sally, can you ______________ (带来) some story-books here from your home? 10. Good ________________ (友谊) can make you happy. So we all need friends.

单词拼写(7) 2. -What’s your e-mail ____________(地址)? –It’s cindyj@pep.com.cn. 4. -What’s your hobby? -I like to _____________ (收集)shells.

7. -Do you know my new friend? -I think I know him. He often______________ (抽烟).

8. Chen Yong always plays computer (游戏). He doesn’t want to go to school.


2013年中考英语复习专题练习 单词拼写

9. France is a beautiful country. It’s ____________________(著名的) for its wine. 10. Alice made a living by ________________(她自己) when she was young.

单词拼写(8) 1. We (错过)the last bus. So we had to walk home. 2. Talking loudly in the library is i_________________(不礼貌).

3. -How often do you go to the movies? -I go to the movies ___________(一次) a month.

. 5. Don’t be near the lions. They are _________________(危险). 6. Everyone goes to play soccer (除……外)Tom because he doesn’t like it. 7. Are you ____________ (有空的)next Sunday? Let’s go to the zoo. 8. It is ______________________ (必要的) to learn a foreign language. 9. She _______________ (成为) a basketball player in 2005. 10. Science is one of my favorite _______________ (科目). What about you? 单词拼写(9) 1. Please keep ____________ (安静). I' m trying to study. 2. She didn’t go to bed (直到)her mother came back last night. 3. Take the medicine (两次)a day, then you’ll be better soon. 4. My father doesn’t let me (踢) football after lunch.

5. I received a gift yesterday. My grandma (寄) it to me from Nanning. 7. He borrowed my pen and didn’t (还) it last week. 8. Li Hua is one of the (成员) of the school football club. 9. (除……之外) milk and cheese, we also need vegetables.

3. One hundred years is a (世纪) . 4. Last week we held a concert to (筹集)500,000 yuan for Hope Project. 7. That is a _________________ (令人惊叹的) film. You should go to see it. 8. China (赢) the most gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games. 9. Confidence is the key to (成功).

单词拼写(11) 1. Don’t forget to (锁)the doors when you leave the classroom. 2. Will you join us in the (讨论)about the teenage problems. 3. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are (平日).

4. In the morning taking a walk and (呼吸)some fresh air are good for your health.

5. Broccoli and tomatoes are healthy (蔬菜). 6. Listening to tapes is

(有帮助的) for you to improve your English. 7. Lana always gets (神经紧张的) when she answers the teacher’s questions. 8. I think this theater has the most ____________________ (舒适的) seats. 10. China has a long (历史)of about 5,000 years.

单词拼写(12) 1. Don’t (横过)the street when the light is red. 2. My (喜爱的)movie star is Jackie Chan. 5. An accident (发生)on the road yesterday. A man was hurt. 10. This kind of bus is made in a (南方的)city.

单词拼写(13) 1. You can cross the road in (安全)when the traffic lights turn green. 2. We need eleven (运动员) for our soccer team. 3. No one can achieve anything without (努力). 4. Steven (参加) the school dancing club last year.

5. The soldiers coming to help people in Yushu county are also (英雄)in my mind. 6. We should ____________ (复习) our lessons every day.

7. –Excuse me. Where is the park? –It’s _____________ (在对面) from the library.

8. I like to live in the _______________ (北方) . 9. The woman is very ____________(疲倦的) because she has work all the afternoon. 10. Do you think she is telling the ___________(真实)? 单词拼写(14) 1. –What’s your favorite subject? -I like ___________ (物理)best. 3. Two men were badly __________ (受伤)in the car accident.

6. The boys were all very _____________ (激动) when they heard the good news.

7. “One World, One __________ (梦想) ” is the most popular words in the Beijing Olympics.

8. Her mother agreed with her _______________ (决定). 10. Mr Smith is a ______________ (外国人) , but he speaks Chinese quite well.单词拼写(15) 2. Are you _______________ (感兴趣)in music? We want a music teacher. 3. The students in the school are not (允许) to go out at night.


4. A knife is used for (割) things. 5. Don’t trouble me. I’m (忙) with my homework. 8. Young people like to send (信息) to friends to greet each other

on mobile phones. 9. His ___________(爱好) is to listen to music after school. 5. This is a (现代的) mobile phone. I like it. 7. Her mother couldn’t (负担得起) to pay for her child’s education. 8. David (穿着) an old shirt every day. 9. Mr Green is a good teacher. He (教)us English last year. 10. National Day is on (十月)1st.




We are going to have a party in our house this evening. It is my (1) ______ birthday, and she has (2)______ my uncles and aunts and some of her (3)______. Mother and I are (4)______ to cook most of the food for the party, and father is getting the drinks. The living-room looks very pretty. Balloons of all colours are hanging from the lights (5)______ we have taken the carpets away (6)______ we are going to dance there after dinner.

In the dining-room we have (7)______ out the best plates and glasses and tablecloths, and it all looks (8)______. We are going to have soup, fish, chicken, fruit and cheese. We are going to dance (9)______ midnight, and after that, we will have (10)______ food, because we will be hungry after all that dancing. Last year my mother (11)______ her birthday party in a restaurant, (12)______ it is pleasanter and (13)______ at home.

When it is my birthday, I am going to invite my friends and have a party in the garden. I will hang pretty lights (14)______ the trees and we will grill our food in the garden and dance (15)______ the grass. 「答案与解析」


1. mother‘s.从与前后的单词的搭配来看应填“某人的”,在方框中只有friend’s和mother‘s两个;由下文的描述,特别是第三段的第一句,可知应填mother’s.

2. invited.因为要举行party,自然就会邀请亲朋好友。由前面的has可知要用现在完成时表示已经邀请了,所以用invite的过去分词invited. 3. friends.见上题。

4. asked.由are可知,用ask sb to do sth的被动式,所以用过去分词。 5. and.两句之间一定是选连词,两句之间是并列关系用and. 6. because.前后又都是句子,且为转折关系,所以用连词but.

7. put.首先应判断用动词,又从后面的the best plates and glasses等可知应是已经“摆放”出来,所以用put的过去分词put.

8. beautiful.摆放的是最好的东西,房间看起来自然就是美的。 9. until.表示某种动用一直延续到某个时候用until. 10. more.由后文跳饿了,自然就会吃得更多。

11. had.与party搭配用have,因为是去年,所以用一般过去时had. 12. but.前后是转折关系用but.

13. cheaper.与形容词pleasanter并列的也一定是形容词,且为比较级,在方框中选出cheap和beautiful,根据常识应是cheaper.

14. in.表示在树上一般用介词in.注意表示在树上结的果子时又一般在on了。