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( )1.I will work hard at English . I believe I will ________ learn it

well soon.

A、can B、could C、be able to D. am able to ( )2. I started _______at the age of five and I enjoy _______every morning.

A、exericing,running B、to exercise ,to run C、exercise,running D、exercising, to run ( )3.— does your brother watch TV? — Three times a week. A.How long B.How far C.How often D. How many ( )4. They went last winter

A. somewhere warm B. warm somewhere C. anywhere warm D.warm anywhere ( )5.I don’t think she ______ her homework in 2 hours.

A. finishes B. finishing C. will finish D. finished ( )6. Tom often tells lies, but they always make us .

A. believes B. believing C. to believe D. believe ( )7.She kept on ______ although she was tired.

A. to work B. working C. work D. worked ( )8. The TV show is boring . I can’t______ it. A. stand B. stop C. read D. finish

( )9.The ______ in our town is getting worse and worse, so we should plant

______ trees.

A. environment; more B. environment; fewer C. improvement; more D. improvement; fewer

( )10.You can’t expect ______a new language in a few months. A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learnt ( )11.____he got up early ,_____he missed the train.

A. Though ; / B. But; though C. Though; but D. / ;but

( )12.My best friend, Lin Tao, is more outgoing than me. A.very B. quite C. pretty D. much

( )13. —Would you mind the radio a bit? It’s too loud.

—Sorry, I’ll do it right away.

A. to turn up B. turning down C.to turn on D. turning off ( )14.—Would you like something to drink?

—Yes, give us__________, please.


A. some pieces of bread B. two bottle of milk C.three cup of apple juice D. two cups of coffee

( )15.There _________ a basketball game in our school next Sunday.

A. is going to have B. is going to be C. is going to D. is having ( )16.Li Ming is _______ of all in my class.

A. taller B. the tallest C. tall D.tallest ( )17. ______ do something fun?

A. Why don’t B.Why not you C.Why not D.Why do you

( )18.______ apples do you need and ______ cheese does your mother need? A.How much, how many B.How many ,how much

C.How many, how many D.How much ,how much

( )19.Today,there are already robots _____ in factories.

A.to work B.work C. worked D.working

( )20.I saw an eighty-year-old man____ an umbrella in ___ a sunny day

just now .

A.with, so B. in, such C. with ,such D. in ,so Ⅱ.补全对话( 10分)


A: Hello !I’m from a college. I’m doing A. What about other stores ? a survey . _ 21_____

B. Can I ask you some B: Sure .

questions? A: What do you think of the clothing stores C. Thank you very much. in this city?

D. How do you like it ? B: __22______

E. I think Milan Spring is A: Why do you think so ?

the best. B: It has different kinds of clothes. A: _ 23______ B: Let me see. Pairs Fashion has the friendliest service , but it’s expensive. A: Many young women like Jennifer’s. 24

B: It’s much cheaper than other stores, but it has the worst clothes. A: I see. 25

21._____ 22. _____ 23. _____24. _____ 25. _____


A: Hi, Zhao Hui! What are you doing? B: Hi, Peter! I’m reading a book. A: 26 ? B: It’s about computers.


A: Isn’t it boring ?

B: No. I like computers very much. 27 a computer programmer

when I grow up.

A: Really? 28 ?

B:I’m going to read many books on computers .And I’m going to study computer science at a university. A: Great !

B: What about you ? 29 ?

A: I like playing basketball. So I want to be a basketball player . B: How are you going to do that ? A: 30 ?

B: Yeah. It’s the best way to become a good basketball player. Ⅲ.英汉互译。 .汉译英(11分)


Many houses ________ because of the heavy rain . 32.北京是中国最大的城市之一。

Beijing is ____ _______ in China . 33.所以我们决定去旅馆附近的海滩。

So we ______to the beach near our hotel. 34.每个人都应该尽一份力来拯救地球。

Everyone should_____ ___ saving the earth. 35.我想在假期学习绘画。

I want _____ painting during the vacation. 36.你怎样制做苹果奶昔?

? 37.你认为访谈节目怎么样?

? 38.人们将活到200岁。



39Today more and more families have their own computers. Parents buy computers for their children. 40They hope computers can help their children improve their studies in school. Yet ,many of their children use computers to play games, to watch video or to sing karaoke instead of studying. So many teachers and parents complain that computers can not help children study but make them fall behind. So computers are locked in boxes by parents. 39 .


40 .


Today some students get together to talk about the future.__41will the future be like?The students make _42about it. Listen to them.

“__43 New York City keeps going the way it is,it will be more crowded and polluted,with worse air and more litter(垃圾).We need to learn to _44 the environment,so we will have a good place to live. New Yorkers need to love their city.”—Linda,age 11.

“I think the future will be __45.When your house is __46,you just need to call your robot to help you do the housework._47 will be different:all the classrooms will have computers,and you __48have to take your schoolbags. When you want to travel,a flying board(板) will take you anywhere. It will fly very fast,and it will only take you an hour _49 to China from the USA.”—Dorian,age 8.

“I think that if we walk or ride bikes more,there will be __50pollution in the world in the future. Then we will live in a better environment.”— Riddhi,age 10.

( )41.When B.Where C.What D.How

( )42.promises B.predictions C.resolutions D. improvements ( )43.If B.Before C.Though D.Because

( )44.take up B.look for C.take care of D.play a part in ( )45A.hot B.cool C.boring D.terrible ( )46A.old B.full C.dirty D.dangerous

( )47A.Schools B.Stations C.Factories D.Hospitals ( )48A.will B.won't C.do D.don't ( )49A.go B.went C.going D.to go ( )50.less B.more C.worse D.better


Hello,everyone! I am Sandy. Today we have a 51 about how to give thanks to our parents in class. Our teacher says we can make some food for 52__. We all think it is a good idea.

Tom 53 __ to make popcorn.His grandmother knows54___to make popcorn.She can tell him the 55__of making it .Gina cooks noodes 56__ ,and we all like her noodles.Mike wants to make Russian soup.And he tells us how to make it.57__, buy some beef and vegetables.Then, cut them up .After that, put them into a


they one more discuss good for plan how way thank pot and add some water.For one 58__ thing, cook them 59__ half an hour and add some salt. I want to make fruit salad. I learned to make it from a book. It is easy .I can do it quickly .

Our teacher says if we want to give 60_ to someone, we must put our hearts into it .I will remember that in my mind.

51 52 53 54 55

56 57 58 59 .60




Dear Ace Travel,

My family and I are going to take a trip this summer somewhere in the east of China. I hope you can send me some information about the kinds of vacations that you can offer(提供). We are going to travel to an exciting place, and we don’t mind how far we have to go. It has to be a place where we can do lots of exercise; we love climbing and swimming, but any other kind of exercise is fine. We also need to stay in an inexpensive hotel. It would be nicer if our hotel had rooms with kitchens so we could save money by cooking our own meals. The room needs to be big enough for three people. Also we are going to stay at a place with a big pool or somewhere near water. Could you please give me some advice for vacation? Also, please let us know if it is best to travel by plane, train or bus. We’d like to be away for three weeks. Thank you very much.

T. Zhan ( ) 61Ace Travel is _______.

A. T.Zhang’s friend in China B. a travel company C. T.Zhang’s family D. a hotel’s name ( )62T.Zhang likes places that are _______

A. quiet B. exciting C. warm D. cool

( ) 63T. Zhang needs a hotel room for ____ person(s).

A. one B. tow C. three D. four

( )64The underlined word “inexpensive” means _______.

A. very expensive B. big C. small D. not expensive

( )65How long will T.Zhang and his family and his family stay in the east

of China?

A. One week B. Two weeks C. Three weeks D. A month