Father’s Day started with Mrs. Dodd’s love for her father card companies should not make money on Father’s Day cards

(5). Greeting card companies welcome Father’s Day because______.

(A). their sale increases

(B). it is a national holiday

(C). adult male friends are also honored

(D). they can sell ties,shirts and electric shavers


3. This green and blue planet spinning in space is under severe stress. If we continue to exploit the planet at the present rate,human and animal life will be threatened. Human pride will be followed by nature’s punishment. To save our earth and ourselves,we need first develop an unbiased understanding of ourselves,nature and life.

Everyone understands the meaning of the sentence“Man should respect animal life and nature”. But the exact meaning of man,nature and animal life is not always clear. Many refer to man and animals as if they were essentially different. I consider man to be an animal and only differing in degree and not in kind from other animals. Although I discuss in conventional terms human rights and animal rights as if they were separate,strictly speaking,human rights should be considered a branch of animal rights.

The word“nature”is one of the most complex words in the language,but it has

developed three main areas of meaning. These are,first,the essential quality and character of something(as in human nature,or the nature of wood);second,the

inherent force which influences the world(as in Mother Nature);third,the entire world itself. The last can be taken to include or to exclude human beings,as the phrase man and the natural world implies.

I consider humans to be an integral part of nature, although they are also the beings most capable of interfering with its processes. Unfortunately a central drive of Western“man”has been to conquer“nature”, as if it were an object separate from him. Hence it has become common to distinguish between what is

natural(existing without man’s interference)and artificial(manmade). In this way, natural growth is opposed to education, civilization to the natural state. For many urban people living permanently among concrete and glass, nature itself has come to mean little more than the countryside. And this notion of opposition is where the seed of potential destruction lies.

(1). The word“unbiased”in Line 4 of Para. 1 means ______.

(A). unbalanced

(B). fair

(C). partial

(D). unreasonable


(2). As for the relationship between man and animals, the author holds that







man is a kind of animals man is superior to animals man is the same as animals man and animals are essentially different from each other

(3). The word“they”in Line 6 of Para. 2 refers to ______.

(A). human rights

(B). animal rights

(C). human beings and animals

(D). human rights and animal rights


(4). In the author’s opinion, the word“nature”indicates ______.

(A). a particular kind of thing

(B). the inherent force which influences the world

(C). the entire world itself including human beings

(D). the essential quality and character of something


(5). The very last sentence of the passage implies that ______.

(A). urbanization violates the peace of the countryside

(B). the people in the cities cannot enjoy the nature’s beauty

(C). man cannot destroy nature, as they are different from each other

(D). if man goes against nature, the world will probably be destroyed


四、Word Spelling(10 points,1 point for two items)

将下列汉语单词译成英语。每个单词的词类、首字母及字母数目均已给出。请将完整的 单词写在答题卡上。

1. 使活动,使起作用vt. a_ _ _ _ _ _ _答案:activate2.令人厌烦的a. b_ _ _ _ _答案:boring

3. 总结,概述v. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _答案:summarize4. 争论,辩论n. d_ _ _ _ _答案:debate

5. 相反的a. c_ _ _ _ _ _ _答案:contrary6.

网络;网状物n. n_ _ _ _ _ _答案:network 7. 明显的a. e_ _ _ _ _ _答案:evident8. 凋谢,枯萎,退色vi. f_ _ _答案:fade

9. 种族的a. r_ _ _ _ _答案:racial10. 和谐;协调n. h_ _ _ _ _ _答案:harmony

11. 满意,满足n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _答案:satisfaction 12身份;同一n. i_ _ _答案:identity

解释,下定义vt. d_ _ _ _ 答案:define14. 面试,口试,采访vt. i_ _ _ _ _答案:interview 13.

15. 社会学n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _答案:sociology16. 谦虚的;适中的a. m_ _ _ _ _答案:modest

17. 旅行,行程n. j_ _ _ _ _ _答案:journey18. 拥有者n. o_ _ _ _答案:owner

19. 描绘,描写,描述vt. p_ _ _ _ _ 答案:portray20. 拥有,具有vt. p_ _ _ _ 答案:possess

五、Word Form(10 points,1 point for each item)


1. Their new advertising campaign has been very ______ (success).


2. For the ______ (secure)of passengers, all hand baggage is carefully checked. 答案:security

3. The ______ (resolve)calling for a ban on nuclear tests was passed by a

twothirds majority in the Congress.


4. Untrained and nervous, she is nevertheless ______ (pride) and determined.


5. It is best to write about things you have experienced ______ (person).


6. The government is planning to ______ (simple)the tax laws.


7. We regard cheating in exams as totally ______ (acceptable).


8. Studies show that if workers have short but frequent breaks they will become

more ______ (product).


9. The minister was under great ______ (press)to resign.


10. This is an ______ (exception)case; I’ve never seen anything like it



六、Translation from Chinese into English(15 points,3 points for each item)


1. 由于发生了强烈地震,这个地区的交通中断了。

答案:Due to/Because of the strong earthquake, the transportation in this area broke down.

The strong earthquake resulted in/caused the breakdown of transportation in this


2. 这就是我们去年开会的地方。

答案:This is the very place where we had a meeting last year.

3. 我如果不是在忙着找工作,也许就来看望你了。

答案:I would have come to visit you if I had not been busy looking for a job.

Had I not been busy hunting for a job, I would have come to visit you.

4. 为了通过英语考试,他不得不熬夜复习。

答案:To/In order to pass the English test/exam, he has to sit up far into

night/stay up late to review the lessons.

5. 只有这样你才能找到一份高薪水的工作。

答案:Only in this way can/will you find a wellpaid job/a job of high salary.

七、Translation from English into Chinese(15 points)


1. Many people think an only child is lucky because of the material goods and

attention he or she receives. But only children have their problems, too. For one thing, they have no privacy. Parents always feel entitled to know everything

that’s going on in an only child’s life. Also, only children never have the

opportunity to put the blame on a brother or sister for something they’ve done wrong. Third, only children miss the companionship of brothers and sisters. They can be lonely, and they may have trouble making friends later in life because they have never learned to get along with a brother or sister.

答案:许多人认为,独生子女很幸运,其原因就在于他们所拥有的物质享受和得到的关照。但是 ,独生子女也有自己的问题。首先,他们毫无隐私而言。父母总觉得有权知道独生子女生活中的 一切。另外,要是独生子女做错了事,他们可没有机会将责任推脱给兄弟或姐妹。第三,独生子 女没有兄弟姐妹陪伴。他们可能会感到孤单,而且日后也可能难以与人交往,因为他们此前就从 未学过如何与兄弟姐妹相处。


一、Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point each)从下列各句四个选项中选出 一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。

1. It is difficult to _________ the implication between the lines.

A. get to

B. get with

C. get at

D. get down


2. The volleyball match was televised ________ on CCTV.