科技英语课件 Exercises

firewalls to locking down endpoint devices and controlling user access, these resources help you build a secure layered network and identify vulnerabilities to prevent attacks. 2. Intrusion management is more than a tool or a person — it is also a process. These resources arm you with the knowledge you need to implement and maintain an intrusion management life cycle.

3. Several classes of human error have been identified and studied, and conditions that increase the likelihood of error can be specified in advance.

4. Similar attempts in other industries have failed because their reports were submitted through a chain of authority that included the person’s supervisor or plant management ? people who have biases to sanitize the report or to form negative judgments of the reporter. 5. The preceding chapters have described how the automatic computer performs, but have not described how the automatic computer can be put to use to do data handling work to serve an organization, nor why such work is done in the way that it is.

前面的章节讲述了自动计算机是如何工作的,但没有讲述自动计算机如何能用于数据处理工作以服务于一个机构,也没有讲述这种工作为什么用这种方法实现。 6. The sources of the information are often reports in the media, reports that are incomplete, usually written before all relevant information is gathered, and subject to other sources of inaccuracies and biases.

7. The threat is also placed in a theoretical political context by examining how it relates to paradigm- shifting technologies of the past, what its attractions and deterrents are, and how it would be analyzed and addressed within traditional realist/liberal national security schools.

8. While the subject of coding often carries with it an air of secrecy, a more important motive in many coding systems is the improved efficiency in conveying information.


(2) Choose the phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part.

1. Julius Caesar is credited with the invention of the Caesar cipher to prevent his secret messages from being read should a message fall into the wrong hands. A. Julius Caesar is believed to be the inventor of the Caesar cipher B. Julius Caesar actually made the invention of the Caesar cipher

C. Julius Caesar is the person who was on credit of inventing the Caesar cipher D. Julius Caesar is charged as the inventor of the Caesar cipher

2. It also means that data stored in one part of a database system is in agreement with other related data stored in another part of the database system (or another system). A. equal to other data that is related to the database system

B. similar to other data in relation to another section of the database system C. consistent with related data stored in a different part of the database D. identical to other related data else where in the database system

3. In a reactive system, also known as an intrusion prevention system (IPS), the IDS responds to the suspicious activity by resetting the connection or by reprogramming the HMILYYLIMH


科技英语课件 Exercises

firewall to block network traffic from the suspected malicious source. A. reprogramming the firewall for the block of data stream coming from the malicious


B. changing the firewall program to stop data originating from the presumably hostile


C. reconfiguring a block of the firewall to control the network steam against hostile data D. reprogramming so that the firewall takes a block of network data to combat malicious


4. As the US Department of Defense urgently wanted military command and control networks that could survive a nuclear war, ARPA was charged with inventing a technology that could get data to its destination reliably even if arbitrary parts of the network disappeared without warning as a result of a nuclear attack. A. was accused to be B. was asked to pay for C. was given the task of D. was forced to consider

5. Are they better able to do logical reasoning than people, but less intuitive to do the everyday task? A. inference B. reason finding C. proving

D. recognizing logically

6. In such a fiber rays traveling at larger angles with respect to the axis have to traverse a longer path and hence take a longer time than those rays which propagate with smaller angles to the axis.

A. have transmitted over a longer distance B. are bound to treat a longer way C. must travel through a longer route D. must deal with a longer trace

7. The electronic equipment must operate in conjunction with other equipment without causing malfunction or degradation of any of the associated equipment. A. without making faulty operation or degeneration B. without bringing about displacement or trouble

C. without inducing manufacturing problem or disadvantage D. without introducing unknown function or difficulty

8. Recent advances will permit mixed working thus permitting some sites to use their equipment capable of operating at 384kbps and higher resolution, and at the same time allowing smaller sites to be part of the conference with their equipment only operating at 128kbps.

A. agreeing that less important sites can partly become the conference B. letting insignificant participants join the conference

C. permitting smaller network nodes to partly attend the entire conference D. making possible that smaller audiences can take part in the conference


科技英语课件 Exercises

Unit 14 Exercises

(1) Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. Telemedicine has proven to be effective as a disaster response, a meaningful aid for the third world, care for the elderly and chronically ill in their homes, as well as a provider of health care to remote or isolated areas.

2. The continued surgical procedure is in certain cases dependent on this type of pathology service, and hospitals without access to frozen section service cannot treat such patients, but has to refer them to another hospital.

3. The importance of early brain development in setting the foundations for language is apparent in babies younger than 6 months. 大脑的早期发展对于奠定语言基础的重要性在六个月以下的婴儿中是显而易见的。 4. These are typical cases where use of telediagnostics would strongly benefit the patients, and at the same time reduce costs and free medical resources.

5. Whether telemedicine will be a general success will to a large extent depend on whether or not one manages to meet the real challenge ? to make such systems work as close to the standard methods as possible, employing telecommunication systems available on a general basis, and with acceptable quality and costs.

6. A telediagnostic approach would require approximately 20 randomly selected images with standard resolution in black and white (512?512 pixels with 8 bit resolution per pixel) which can be transferred over a standard ISDN channel within less than six minutes.

(2) Choose the phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part.

1. In developing countries a new way of practicing telemedicine is emerging whereby devices examine a patient and a connected doctor residing in another location virtually examines the patient and treat him. A. an online doctor in a different place actually provides examination and treatment to the


B. a related doctor in a separate location provides virtual service to examine and treat the


C. a doctor concerned in another place does simulated checks and treatment for the patient D. a doctor connected to another place makes simulations of tests and operations to the


2. This new technology and principle of practicing medicine holds big promises to solving major health care delivery problems in for instance Southern Africa because it not only monitors an already diagnosed chronic disease, but has the promise to diagnosing and managing the diseases a patient will typically visit a general practitioner for.

A. solving the problems of careful health insurance for places such as Southern Africa


科技英语课件 Exercises

B. providing health care mainly to the areas like Southern Africa C. treating the majority of health care problems in Southern Africa

D. dealing with the problem of providing health care in places like Southern Africa

3. His invention showed that it is possible to compute high-quality images with high accuracy in spite of the fact that the projection data do not strictly satisfy the theoretical models underlying the reconstruction algorithms. A. do not completely fit the models in theory under the algorithm for reconstruction B. do not rigorously agree with the theory that is the basis of the reconstruction algorithm C. do not meet the requirement of underlying algorithm for image reconstruction in theory D. do not consist of the theoretical models under the reconstructed algorithm

4. Changes were made to add key missing features and to enable more efficient implementation by eliminating some instructions and relaxing the specification to eliminate some troublesome special cases. A. making specific problems less troublesome

B. loosen technical requirements to reduce troubles C. reducing special difficulties by eliminating

D. removing special troubles by relating the specifications with the instructions

5. It is possible to compute high-quality cross-sectional images with an accuracy now reaching one part in a thousand. A. precisely without causing errors equal to one thousand B. accurately enough so that the error is on the order of one thousandth C. with a precision of one thousand times better than the reached part D. being accurate in part so that it reaches one thousand

6. Not until recently had anyone demonstrated a unified approach that not only allows previously obtained complicated results to be simplified both analytically and computationally but also permits new results to be obtained for special cases that had resisted solution in a simple form. A. that had resistance against formality of sample solutions

B. that had prevented people from obtaining simple-form solutions C. that had restricted solution to a simple form

D. that had resolved in the form of simplified solution

7. Off-the-shelf multimedia platforms reduce various tailor made components facing end users by packaging the needed functionality into a single product. A. Specially manufactured multimedia platforms B. Multimedia platforms mounted on the shelf C. Readily available multimedia platforms

D. Multimedia platforms that are taken from the shelf

8. These are typical cases where use of telediagnostics would strongly benefit the patients, and at the same time reduce healthcare costs and free medical resources. A. make the healthcare less costly and medical resources free of charge B. reduce the free medical resources in terms of healthcare costs

C. lower the expenses of healthcare and make medical resources available to more people D. let the healthcare cost less and even use no medical resources



科技英语课件 Exercises

Unit 15 Exercises

(1) Translate the following passage into Chinese.

Because digital image processing does encompass such a wide variety of techniques and mathematical tools, each application involves a sequence of processing steps. These steps are modules that can be arranged in an enormous number of different sequences, and each module generally admits the specification of parameter values that further expand the range of possible manipulation schemes to achieve the desired results. The major advantages of digital images as compared with analog (i.e. film) images are the quality of the data and the accessibility of that data to computer manipulation. The quality advantage is really an aggregate of two advantages: ? Dynamic range: up to 128 or more gray levels can be present on digital images whereas only 15?30 discernible on film products.

? Reproducibility: a copy of a copy of a copy of a digital image contains exactly the same data as the original, whereas a forth-generation photographic product is substantially degraded in comparison with the original.

Although these are advantages, the compelling advantage for the applications community derives from the accessibility of the data to computer manipulation. To generate a general-purpose film product is essentially to choose a compromise among competing requirements from agronomists, hydrologists, foresters, geologists, urban planners, and other user groups; it is not optimized for any one. Digital images lend themselves to custom tailoring by the user for his or her application in a way that film products cannot.

数字图像处理包括了多种多样的技术和数学工具,每一项应用都涉及到一系列的处理步骤。这些步骤是以大量不同次序排列的各种模块,每一模块通常容许一些参数值的技术指标,从而进一步扩大了为获得预期结果而可能采取的处理方案的选择范围。与模拟图像(即胶片)相比,数字图像的主要优点在于数据的质量和数据可供计算机进行处理这两方面。质量方面的优越性实际上是以下两种优越性的综合:动态范围:数字图像可表现128级或更多的灰度,而胶片产品只能分辨15至30级;重现性:一幅数字图像多次复制后仍与原件包含完全相同的信息,而一幅第四代的照片与原件相比却大大地退化(损伤)了。 (2) Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate choice.

1. Achieving a high data rate over a large HDTV service area requires high power transmission that results _____ much interference to existing NTSC service. A. in B. ______ C. from D. to 2. Frequency converters are basically similar ______ the modulators previously discussed, with a large injected signal of frequency close ______ that of the incoming signal superimposed on an incoming waveform. A. with, with B. to, with C. to, to D. with, to 3. There is a direct between the amount of memory available for storage of a program and the amount of memory available for storage of data. A. interface B. relation C. conflict D. trade-off 4. The second section describes quantization schemes that the