〖第六模拟〗 25。You can't see the people speaking,so it's much harder to ____ their emotional state or opinion. A.look through B.get through C.figure out D.take out

27。Everyone needs a few good friends,____ they can share their thoughts and secrets. A.of which B.for which C.with whom D.to whom 28。It didn't look new,so it ____ have been something my mom bought for her future grandchild. A.couldn't B.mustn't C.mightn't D.wouldn't 29。—Do you like Jay Chou's songs?

—Yeah.Every boy and girl in my class ____ fond of his songs. A.is B.are C.has been D.have been @解析@

【21】it is/was an honour to do something中honour意为“荣幸,光荣”,可数名词,故用不定冠词修饰

【24】be in no mood to do something(没有心情做某事)

原题例句I'm worried about my parents' health.So I'm in no ____ to enjoy the scenery of snow. A.mind B.mood C.feeling D.emotion 【25】emotional state(情绪状态) opinion(想法)

figure out(理解,弄懂,弄明白) take out(切除)

get through(通过,用完)

look through(浏览,快速查看) 【27】bear(忍受,容忍) bear stress(承受压力) well thought(深思熟虑)




—living in such a tense society,we bear too much stress.

—Yes,we must do everything well thought,and treat everyone with cautiousness. 【28】couldn't(不会是)


【29】名词前有every,each,no等修饰时,谓语动词应用单数形式。 【31】at ease(自由自在) at hand(接近)

at length(最终,详细地)

at heart(内心里)

【32】That's quite something.(真了不起。) Get a move on.(快点吧。)

That sounds fine.(这样听起来蛮好的。) That's a good point.(有道理。)

【33】A barking dog never bites.(会叫的狗不咬人。) Dog does not eat dog.(同类不相残。)

Every dog has its day.(人人皆有得意日。)

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.(老狗号不会新把戏。) 『keys25.C 27.C 28.A 29.A』

『第一次错解(20120605二晚)25.A 27.D 28.B 29.B』


21、In the past few years,a number of books ____ by our school library,and the number of the books is up to 100,000.

A.has been bought B.have been bought

C.was bought D.were bought

23、We appeal to all countries to ____ cooperation on climate change,food security and natural disasters.

A.call up B.step up C.hold up D.make up

29、—Mum,where is my handbag?I cannot find it anywhere. —You must have left it at the station.

—It's not like me to do so.You know I ____ things behind. A.had never left B.never left

C.never leave D.am never leaving @解析@

【21】根据时间状语“In the past few years”可知,前一分句应用现在完成时。 【22】detailed explanation(详细的解释) investigation(调查)

【23】step up(加强)cooperation appeal to(呼吁) call up(打电话给) hold up

make up

【24】bother to do sth.(特意做某事)

原题例句—Please let me know when you will leave for Europe so that I can see you off at the airport.

—It's very kind of you,but you don't have to ____ to do so,because I can manage it on my own.

A.volunteer B.manage C.bother D.claim

(注我当初选bother是理解为“你不用这么麻烦的”,撞对的,嘻嘻) 【25】I have never scored higher.(我从未得到过更高的分数。) 【27】It is typical of sb. to do sth.(某人一贯会做其事) typical(不出所料,特有的) 【28】Just come around.(过来吧。)

Never mind.(不要紧,不用担心。) 【29】根据语境判断,“我从不把东西弄丢”是说话人一贯的做法,所以用一般现在时态表示习惯性、经常性的动作。

【30】in favour of(赞同,支持) in defence of(保卫)

原文例句(难)It is worth noting that women's earnings are well below men's in spite of educational differences that are narrowing between the two sexes. 译文值得注意的是,尽管男女之间的教育差距在缩小,但女人的收入还是低于男人很多的。 (注解题时把noting看成nothing,难怪十分不理解,直到刚刚打字时才发现。) 【31】relief n. *[U]food,money,medicine,etc.that is given to help people in places where there has been a war or natural disaster(给灾区或交战地区人民提供的)救济,救援物品

**[U,sing.]the feeling of happiness that you have when sth unpleasant stops or does not happen(不快过后的)宽慰,轻松;解脱





5、他们平安的消息给大家带来了巨大的安慰。 6、能和别人谈谈这件事,感到舒心多了。

7、可轻松了! 1、a sense of relief

2、We all breathed a sigh of relief when he left. 3、She sighed with relief.

4、Much to my relief the car was not damaged. 5、News of their safety came as a great relief.

6、It was a relief to be able to talk to someone about it.

7、What a relief!

***[U]~(from/of sth)the act of removing of reducing pain,anxiety,etc.(焦虑、痛苦等的)减轻,消除,缓和

例modern methods of pain relief(消除疼痛的新办法) the relief of suffering(痛苦的消除)

【33】will be in demand(将供不应求) 【34】no kidding (informal)

*used to emphasize that sth is true or that you agree with sth that sb has just said(强调真实的或同意别人刚说过的话)真的,可不是

—It's cold!(天真冷!) —No kidding!(可不是!)

**used to show that you mean what you are saying(表示认真)不是开玩笑,我说的是真的

例I want the money back tomorrow.No kidding.(我希望明天钱就能退回来,这可不是开玩笑。)

【35】It's no wonder that......(难怪.....) 『Keys21.B 23.B 29.C』

『第一次错解(20120605二)21.D 23.D 29.B』