Chapter 11教案


Chapter 11教案

课程名称 Business English Correspondence 2 课题序号 1 授课课时 授课章节 名 称 使用教具 授课形式 Reading &Writing Chapter 9 Insurance Case 1 Tape, recorder, chalk,blackboard,computer, overhead projector 教学目的 Through study of this chapter, students will have better knowledge of 1) insurance terms 2) writing letters concerning insurance. how to write letters on insurance 教学重点 Learn to arrange ideas in writing 教学难点 No 更新、补 充、删节内容 1. Read the useful sentences 2. Write a letter on insurance, using the useful expressions and 课外作业 sentences In this class, students know the knowledge on insurance and learn to 教学后记 write a general letter by imitating the sample letter. They go over all the key sentences by doing the homework. 无锡旅游商贸高等职业技术学校 授课主要内容或板书设计

Key words and phrases: 1. insure [in'?u?] v. 保险 2. plus [pl?s] prep. 加 3. refund [ri:'f?nd] v. 偿付 4. premium ['primj?m] n. 保险费 5. debit ['debit] n. 借方 6. covering 有关,适用 7. refer to 查阅 8. at your end 在你(贵)方 9. on behalf of sb., on one’s behalf 代表 10. insure(the goods)against(×××risk)给货物保×××险 11. debit note(D/N) 索款通知,借方通知 12. credit note(C/N) 付款通知,贷方通知 13. draw(a draft)on sb.for(money)开出(汇票)向某人索要款项 Useful sentences: 1. What kind of insurance are you able to provide for my consignment? 2. May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms? 3. For this contract, we’d like you to arrange insurance at your end. 4. We wish to refer to you our order No. 1001 for 500 sets of “Forever” bicycles. 5. As we have already signed an open cover agreement with our underwriter, we would prefer you to send us a CFR quotation. 6. We'd like to cover the porcelain ware against All Risks. 7. I know that F.P.A insurance doesn't cover losses on consumer goods. 无锡旅游商贸高等职业技术学校 课 堂 教 学 安 排

教学过程 Lead-in Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 主要教学内容及步骤 Business knowledge 1) General of Insurance The purpose of insurance ? to provide compensation for those who suffer from loss or damage. ? It is a contract of indemnity Reading: New words and expressions: 1. Read the words and expressions after the teacher. 2. Give a brief introduction to the usage of the words and expressions. 3. Have the students work in pairs to read and use the words and expressions. Useful sentences: 1. Have the students read the sentences and try to find out their Chinese meanings. 2. Do substitution drills Sample letter: 1. Have the students work in groups and try to find out the typical sentences which can be used to start the letter and the sentences to end the letter. 2. Discuss the letter 3. Notes: 1. Light Fixture: 灯具组件 2. CFR: cost +freight 成本加运费价 3. As we now desire to have the consignment insured at your end, we shall be much pleased if you kindly arrange to insure the same on our behalf against All Risks at invoice value plus 10%, i.e. USD5,500. 1)at one’s end在某(买方或卖方)处 in your place, on your side, at your end 均作 “在你地区”或 “在你处解”。 2)insure作动词时后可跟人或机构作宾语,但跟不同的介词时,所表示的意义不同: e.g. We have insured the shipment against All Risks at the rate of 0.3% for 110% of the invoice value with PICC. 我们已为这批货物向中国人民保险公司按发票金额110%投 Step 4 保一切险,保险费率为0.3%。 Please insure FPA on this shipment. 请为这批货投保平安险。 e.g. Every company insures itself against loss or damage to its property. 每个公司都为自己保险以防财产的损失或损害。 3)过去分词insured作定语时构成的部分常用词组: insured amount( = insurance amount ) 保(险)额 insured cargo/goods 投保的货物 insured 还可作名词, 前面加定冠词, 即 the insured, 作“被保险人”解。 4) same 该物,该人,该公司 此处作代词用,是商业、法律用语,表示前面刚刚提及的物品和人,定冠词the可省略,用此词可使行文简洁。 e.g. We have received from your Paris Office an enquiry for this article and have made(the)same a firm offer for October shipment. 我们已收到贵公司巴黎分公司有关这一商品的询盘,并已向该公司报了实盘,装运期为10月。 5) on one’s behalf, on the behalf of代表 4. We shall of course refund to you the premium upon receipt of your debit note or, if you like, you may draw on us at sight for the amount requested. 1) refund: pay back money to sb.退还 2) debit v. 将……记入借方 debit US$500 against/to sb. debit sb. with US$500 把一笔500美元的账记入某人的借方 3) draw v. 开出(汇票) 常用结构为:draw(a draft)on sb. for /against向某人开汇票索取 e.g. As agreed, we will draw on you at sight against your purchase of a sample lot. 如所商定,对你方购买的一批样货货款,我们将开出即期汇票向你方索取。 Writing: 1. Divide the whole class into several groups, each group creates a company 2. Different companies work or discuss together 3. Practice writing a general inquiry of insurance, using the useful expressions and sentences Step 5 Step 6 Summary: 1. Have some students read their letters and give advice 2. Sum up the key points Homework: 3. Go on with the letter 4. Read the sample letter 5. Read the useful sentences 6. Write a letter on insurance, using the useful expressions and sentences 无锡旅游商贸高等职业技术学校

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