1. C

10. A 19. A 28. A 37. G 46. D 55. B

2. C 11. A 20. A 29. B 38. C 47. B 56. D

3. B 4. B 5. A 12. C 13. C 14. B 21. A 22. C 23. D 30. C 31. B 32. C 39. F 40. B 41. A 48. A 49. B 50. D 57. B 58. C 59. C

6. C 15. C 24. B 33. D 42. C 51. A 60. D

7. A 16. B 25. C 34. A 43. A 52. C

8. A 9. B 17. C 18. B 26. A 27. D 35. B 36. D 44. C 45. B 53. D 54. A


1. A

10. A 19. B 28. D 37. G 46. A 55. A

语法填空: 61. the

2. C 11. A 20. A 29. D 38. C 47. D 56. C

3. B 4. C 5. B 12. A 13.B 14. C 21. C 22. B 23. C 30. A 31. C 32. B 39. F 40. B 41. A 48. B 49. D 50. B 57. B 58. B 59.D

6. C 15. C 24. B 33. D 42. D 51. D 60.C

7.B 16. B 25.A 34. A 43. C 52. A

8. A 9. C 17. C 18. B 26. D 27. B 35. D 36. D 44. A 45. C 53. B 54. C

62. places 63. its 64. where 65. creating

66. have explored 67. because 68. especially 69. is expected 70. known


Lei Haiwei, a fast food delivery man, win the championship in the Chinese poetry contest won

held in April 4. Lei has shown great interest in Chinese culture since he was a child. In on

his small house, there is ∧ bookshelf, the top of that is filled with poetry books. Though a which

he is busy with his work, but Lei seizes any available moment to read books relating to related ancient poems. He is total addicted to poems and he recites it while waiting for food at totally them

restaurants. “Recite poems not only enriches my knowledges, but also makes my job Reciting knowledge less boring,” the delivery man said.

One possible version Dear Gary,

How is everything going? In your last email, you showed interest in my plan for the coming vacation. I’m writing to tell you something about it.

As you know, this is my last holiday before I go to university. Therefore, I intend to make full use of it, doing something I’ve been longing for. Reading some books is the first thing on my list, which I believe will definitely enrich my mind. In addition, I’m going to spend four weeks teaching kids English in my community as a

volunteer. Hopefully, my English can be improved as well. At the end of the vacation, I’ll take a trip around Beijing. And I would like you to join me. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours Li Hua 听力原文

第一节 Text 1

M: Jane, what is your favorite sport?

W: Well, I play basketball a lot. But I like tennis even better. How about you? M: I like playing volleyball. Text 2

M: I’m sorry to come at this moment, but I wonder if I can leave my dog with you for a couple of days, because I have to attend my wife. We are expecting a baby. W: No problem. Text 3

W: Oh, look! You are so dirty! What happened?

M: I went to the park to help remove the rubbish. And now the park is very clean.

W: Well, you'd better take a shower immediately and change your clothes. You're smelly. Text 4

W: Sir, it’s 11:30 am now. I'm in a hurry. Can we get to Beijing Hotel in 20 minutes? M: The rush hour is over. I am sure we can arrive on time. Text 5

W: I’d like to buy some gifts for my dad’s birthday this weekend. Any ideas? M: There are so many to choose from, such as flowers, ties and so on.

第二节 Text 6

W: Hello, I'm Silvia from Mexico.

M: Have you ever worked as a babysitter?

W: Yes. Actually, when I was in Year 11, almost every day after school, my cousin would leave her little daughter with me.

M: Did you enjoy the time with her?

W: Yes, sure. She was two years old and she just learned to walk. It was quite exhausting. But I like her so much. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

M: That’s amazing! Can you start working Friday night? W: Oh, sorry, I’m not available this Friday. Maybe Saturday? M: OK, sounds fine to me. Text 7

W: Excuse me, I want to go to Broadway on 82nd Street. Can I take any bus that comes along? M: You can take any bus except Number 9. W: How often do the buses run? M: They run about every 5 minutes.

W: Fine. How long does it take to get to 82nd Street?

M: About 15 minutes. It's not very far. Are you a stranger here? W: Yes, I am.

M: How do you like New York?

W: I like it very much, the weather, the life style... but the way people talk here is a little confusing to me. It's hard to understand.

M: You’ll soon get accustomed to it. It's not that difficult. Well, here's the bus. Fortunately, it's not full. W: Thanks for your help. You’re really nice. Text 8

W: You looked tired today, John. What’s wrong? M: I have so many things to do. I am so stressed out.

W: Well, just relax. You told me that you have one day off today. You said you would take our daughter to the park.

M: Yeah, but all I can think about is the deadlines I need to meet. W: What deadlines?

M: Well, I have to have the meeting room organized by Friday. W: What else?

M: I also need to come up with a marketing plan for our dairy products and sign a contract with the sales department by Saturday.

W: It sounds to me that your boss is just taking too much advantage of you. M: You think?

W: Of course. Why not quit? It won’t be difficult for you to find a better job that you really enjoy. Text 9

W: Did you go to listen to the speeches yesterday? I mean, at the conference?

M: Yeah, I did. I listened to the so-called keynote speech about Physical Geography by Professor Henry Hadley. Long and boring. I left the lecture hall before he finished. W: Where did you go?

M: I went to the library and borrowed some books and then watched some videos in the dormitory. Did you stay in the lecture hall all afternoon?

W: Yes. Another three professors gave speeches, Mark Lowcock, Heather Nauert and Jackson Lee. M: What did you think of their speeches?

W: Well, I have to admit I can’t follow perfectly all the speeches but I think all of them were interesting and full of useful information. I learned a lot. I really think you shouldn’t have left the lecture hall before the speeches ended. Text 10

All right, everyone. May I have your attention, please? A woman named Ashley is looking for her daughter Betty, and she thinks she may be somewhere here in the hotel. Ashley and Betty are not guests here. Rather, they are tourists from Salt Lake City. After they ate lunch in the Grand Cafe, the woman thought she saw her daughter run in here while she was looking at a map. Betty is only five years old, but she is as tall as someone two years older than that. She is wearing red jacket and blue pants, and a pair of white sneakers. She has long brown hair and light skin. She may also be carrying a teddy bear. Betty has no reason to run away, but she may think she is playing a game like hide-and-seek. If you see anyone matching the description I just gave you, please call our head of security, Linda Robbins at 430513628. Ashley and Betty are scheduled to take a flight tomorrow to another city, so it’s important that we try to help them! If you have any questions, you can stop by my office on the third floor. Before you go back to whatever you were doing, please take a moment to look around for this little girl.