Unit 13 Lesson 2 Personalities and Jobs说课


Unit 13 Lesson 2 Personalities and Jobs说课

Unit 13 Lesson 2 Personalities and Jobs

鹤壁市综合高中 赵亚炜 Hello,everybody! It’s my pleasure to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is Personalities and Jobs taken from Lesson 2 of Unit 13 in Senior High English Module 5. It is made up of 6 parts.

Part 1. My understanding of this lesson

This lesson is a listening passage. It plays a very important part in the English teaching of this unit. And it is the third part of unit 13 which is helpful to make the students learn the rest of this unit. The task in this lesson is to practice listening. Some key words in the listening are important and useful in our daily life. Of course, the students should receive some moral education. Let the students learn that the relationship between personalities and jobs. In order to find a suitable job in future, they should know their personalities first.

Part 2. Teaching aims

Knowledge aim: Learn the key words in the listening and get the main idea of the listening. Ability aim: Learn to identify opinions during the listening.

Emotional aim: Make the students learn their personalities, which is useful for them to find a

suitable job in future.

Part 3. Teaching important points

? Learn the key words about personalities and jobs. ? Learn how to identify opinions in the listening.

Part 4. Something about the students

? The students have known some words about personalities and jobs. ? They are lack of vocabulary.

? They don’t often do some listenings and use English to express themselves and communicate

with others.

Part 5. My teaching theories, methods and aids

Teaching theories:

? Make the students the real masters in class while the teacher himself acts as director. ? Combine the language structures with the language functions.

? Let the students receive some moral education as they are learning the English language.

Teaching methods:

? Group work and individual work method.

? Question-and-answer activity teaching method. ? Free discussion method.

Teaching aids:

The media and the blackboard


Part 6. Teaching steps

I have designed the following steps to train their ability of listening. The entire steps are: Greetings, Revision, Lead-in and preparation for listening, Key words, Listening Strategies, Listening, Discussion and Homework.

Step 1. Greetings

Greet the whole class as usual.

Step 2. Revision

Check the homework

Step 3. Lead-in and preparation for listening

Ask the students to look at some photographs on the screen and guess what kind of job they do and what are their personalities. My purpose: Arouse the students’ interest of study; Bring in our subject: Personalities and Jobs.

Step 4. Key words

Key words are very important before the students do the listening. And most of them are new words. I show them on the screen. Let the students work in groups to get their meanings. Read them and do some exercises individually. And then ask some of them to check the answers.

During this step, I use group work and individual work method. My purpose: Remove the barriers in the listening; Increase the students’ confidence of listening.

Key words:

1. characteristic n. 2. athletic adj.

athlete n.

3. independent adj.

independence n. 4. desire n./v. 5. satisfaction n.

satisfy v.

satisfied / satisfying adj. 6. harvest n./v. 7. biology n.

biologist n. biological adj. 8. pineapple n.

9. selfish adj.---- selfless adj. 10. requirement n.

require v.



Complete each sentence with a word from the Key words.

1. people would care only about themselves and not about other people. 2.Someone is able to do things by themselves and in their own way. 3. people like to exercise and are good at sports. 4.A farmer knows a lot about animal . 5.I like fruit like and peaches.

Step 5. Listening Strategies Identifying opinions:

? Before you listen, try to imagine the people and what kind of things they might say. ? While you listen, write down important words.

? After you listen, look for synonyms of the words in the questions.

I show them on the screen. Read and learn them. They are very useful in the listening.

Step 6. Listening

Listen to a class discussion (two times) and answer the questions on the screen. Use the Listening Strategies to help you. Then, let the students work in groups to discuss the answers and ask some of them to check the answers. At last, listen to the discussion again. Try to get more information in the listening.

During this step, I use group work method, discussion method and question-and-answer activity teaching method. My purposes: Train the students’ ability of listening and cooperation..


1. Which student believes that people who work with computers are not athletic but they have to

be creative?

2. What characteristics do the students think that tour guides should have?

3. Li Liang said,”They must never give up.” Which job is he talking about here? 4. What is Li Liang’s opinion about people who wish to be nurses? 5. Who wants to be a doctor?

Step 7. Discussion

What job do you want to do? What characteristics do you have? Is the job you want is fit for you? Why or why not?

I show the questions on the screen and let the students discuss them freely. Use free discussion method to train their speaking ability and let them know themselves better.

Step 8. Homework

Write a short passage to present your personalities and a suitable job for you

My purpose: I mean to give them emotional education. Don’t just have a job you want. Try to know what job is fit for you.


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