金桥新王牌 高一英语资料

Review: Tense & Voice

I. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the verbs given in brackets. 1. The climate here ____________ (get) much warmer over the next few years. 2. If you ____________ (not tell) him the truth now, he simply ___________ (keep) on asking you until you ____________ (do). 3. --- What a lovely clock!

--- It ____________ (not work), I’m afraid. It’s been broken for years. 4. That’s the fifth cup of coffee you ____________ (drink) since breakfast.

5. At the moment Jim _____________ (question) by the police about the accident. 6. The idea for the new machine came to Mr Baker when he ____________ (absorb) in a research several months ago.

7. --- Is there anything wrong, Bob? You look so tired.

--- Oh, not much. I ______________ (prepare) for the university entrance examination the whole day.

8. Most people first decide on what they want to be and then try to find out what it ______________ (involve).

9. Oddly-shaped objects that ______________ (suspend) from the ceiling and move in response to a soft wind are popular in Japan.

10. Bob can’t stand his private affairs ______________ (discuss) by everyone.

11. Green leafy vegetables contain Vitamin E, which ______________ (believe) to help protect the body against dangerous chemicals.

12. Whether things sink or float ______________ (depend) on their weight in relation to their size.

13. The Government ______________ (have) to decide what to do about these naval bases before the present treaty _____________ (expire).

14. I ______________ (long) to meet you for ages. I _____________ (hear) so much about you. 15. The riches of the sea, such as oil, iron, and copper, yet _____________ (develop) by man’s technology are impressive.

16. Some of the equipment and procedures designed for astronauts and space flights ______________ (adapt) successfully for use in medicine and many other industries.

17. It _____________ (be) 11:30 already. Everybody _____________ (go) to bed. Why __________ you still ___________ (watch) TV, Tom?

18. John _______________ (walk) to his car when he stopped. He suddenly _____________ (remember) that he ______________ (not lock) his office.

19. The flowers ______________ (smell) sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature.


金桥新王牌 高一英语资料

20. Mary went to the box office at lunch time, but all the tickets _________ (sell) out. 21. We were shocked to hear that nothing _____________ (remain) of the house after the terrible fire caused by a cigarette end.

22. --- Kim, ___________ you _____________ (have) a good trip?

--- Yes, the flight _____________ (be) lovely, one of the best I _____________ (have), but it _____________ (take) ages to get into the plane. First they _____________ (think) that one of us ____________ (be) a hijacker, and they _____________ (search) us all for weapons. Then one engine of the plane _____________ (go) wrong. We finally _____________ (take) off an hour later.

II. Choices.

1. — Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time?

— Yes, since she ______ the Chinese Society. A. has joined B. joins C. had joined D. joined

2. The wet weather will continue tomorrow, when a cold front ______ to arrive. A. is expected B. is expecting C. expects D. will be expected 3. --- Did you watch the basketball match yesterday?

--- Yes, I did. You know, my brother ______ in the match. A. is playing B. was playing C. has played D. had played 4. I like these English songs and they ______ many times on the radio.

A. taught B. have taught C. are taught D. have been taught 5. So far this year we ______ a fall in house prices by between 5 and 10 percent.

A. saw B. see C. had seen D. have seen

6. I called Hannah many times yesterday evening, but I couldn’t get through. Her

brother ______ on the phone all the time! A. was talking B. has been talking C. has talked D. talked 7. — Do you have any problems if you ______ this job?

— Well, I’m thinking about the salary … A. offer B. will offer C. are offered D. will be offered 8. — I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final.

— I think so. He ______ for it for months. A. is preparing B. was preparing C. had been preparing D. has been preparing

9. By the time he realizes he ______ into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do

anything about it. A. walks B. walked C. has walked D. had walked 10. --- Do you think we should accept that offer?

--- Yes, we should, for we ______ such bad luck up till now, and time ______ out. A. have had; is running B. had; is running C. have; has been run D. have had; has been run


金桥新王牌 高一英语资料

11. We first met on a train in 2000. We both felt immediately that we ______ each

other for years. A. knew B. have known C. had known D. know 12. — Have you got any job offers?

— No. I ______. A. waited B. had been waiting C. have waited D. am waiting

13. If the weather had been better, we could have had a picnic. But it ______ all day.

A. rained B. rains C. has rained D. is raining 14. The moment I got home, I found I ______ my jacket on the playground.

A. had left B. left C. have left D. was leaving 15. If their marketing plans succeed, they ______ their sales by 20 percent.

A. will increase B. have been increasing C. have increased D. would be increasing 16. The telephone ______, but by the time I got indoors, it stopped.

A. had rung B. was ringing C. rings D. has rung

17. I don’t believe you’ve already finished reading the book — I _____ it to you this

morning! A. would lend B. was lending C. had lent D. lent 18. — What’s that noise?

— Oh, I forgot to tell you. The new machine ______. A. was tested B. will be tested C. is being tested D. has been tested

III. Read the following passage and fill in each blank with the proper forms of the verbs given in brackets.

Mars fascinates people all around the world. The Red Planet 1______________ (study) by astronomers and scientists for hundreds of years. Perhaps it is Mars’ similarity to Earth that 2______________ (get) people so excited. The surface of the planet 3______________ (cover) by features that are very familiar to human eyes: volcanoes, valleys and huge deserts. Like Earth, Mars also 4______________ (have) ice caps and the poles.

All these similarities have encouraged a belief in “Martians”. In the early twentieth century, some people even 5_______________ (claim) that we were being watched by aliens, and that they planned to invade or destroy Earth. By the time the first missions reached Mars in the 1970s, hundreds of books and films 6________________ (produce) describing what the aliens and their world looked like. To the excitement of scientists and the public, robot vehicles were sent to explore the surface of the planet. People 7_______________ (hold) their breath and waited to see the first images of an alien world. The pictures the robot sent back 8______________ (be) disappointing. They showed a barren, empty landscape. Most people


金桥新王牌 高一英语资料

9________________ (convince) that Mars must be a dead planet, and that any life there 10________________ (end) millions of years ago.

However, mankind has not given up on Mars. NASA has recently announced that plans 11________________ (make) to send a manned mission to Mars by the year 2035. Other space programmes in Europe and Asia also want to explore the planet further, hoping to learn more about the Universe and the future of Earth.

Some people are against the Mars programme. They claim that a huge amount of money is going to be wasted on the mission, money that could 12 _______________ (spend) on projects closer to home, like housing and feeding people. In reply, space scientists stress that the benefits of studying Mars 13________________ (make) clearer in the future. In fifty years, more of Earth’s natural resources 14________________ (use up) or destroyed. The study of Mars could provide vital clues about how to ensure a better future for our own planet.

IV. Translation.

1. 我们在一起呆了几个星期之后我才发现我们有很多共同点。

(It was not until …)

2. 明年你母亲从德国回来的时候你将在大学里学习了。(by the time)

3. 在事态进一步恶化前,必须采取有效的措施。(before)

4. 那本新出版的小说很热销,在这儿几乎销售一空。(sell)

5. 自从附近的那家工厂关闭后,我家门前的那条小溪变得干净多了。(since)

6. 如果你拨110,警察在几分钟内会感到现场。(dial)

7. 据报道,春节期间越来越多的中国人选择外出旅行,而不是呆在家里。(remain)

8. 我刚点着蜡烛,就被风吹灭了。(No sooner)