I was two then 教学设计


I was two then 教学设计

Module5 Unit1.I was two then.教学设计


教材分析:本单元多数以用照片的形式谈论过去和现在的变化,重点语句有:I was two. They were young.新单词有:was, then, grandparent, me, hair, so等. 通过本单元的学习使学生能够用“was/were”谈论过去的事情和情况

教学目标:1. 认识单词was和were以及它们对应的原型。2. 学会使用was和were谈论过去的事情和情况。3. 理解课文的意思,会变换句式。4. 培养学生敏锐的观察力,促进人与人之间的交流,增进彼此的感情。

重点、难点:重点:1. 理解be动词和它对应的过去式,正确使用人称和be动词,使其搭配正确。2. 句型的正确变换“I was two---We were two.”等。难点: 能够正确使用“was/were”谈论过去的事情和情况。 教 学 程 序 Step1 .Warm up. 1.Greeting.

2. Game:“Do as I say,not as I do.” X|k | B | 1 . c|O |m 教师说句子并故意做一个与句子内容不符的动作,学生要根据教师所说的句子或发出的指令做动作。如:T:I am tall.同时弯腰把手放在距离地面不高的位置,以此表示“short”,而学生要把手高高举起,放在头的上方,以此表示“tall”。在此环节要多操练“tall, short, long, young, old, fat, thin, big, small”等形容词,为后面教学做铺垫。

Step2.presentation 1.(1)教师出示一张自己小时的照片向学生介绍 look at this photo, guess who is that little girl? S:…….. T:yes, It was me. I was two years old.(板书。be动词用彩笔书写)对比现在的照片,发现过去和现在的不同。Look, my hair was short then, now my hair is long.板书

(2)教师对比读板书的句子,并引导学生比较其不同之处,然后教师总结:我们在讲述过去的状况时,通常用“were”和“was”,而在讲述现在状况时通常使用“are” “is” “am” .were是are的过去式,was是am和is的过去式。 w W w .X k b 1. c Step3 lead in

1.T: You know, as time went by, we have some changes. You get taller and taller, I get fatter and fatter. What about Sam? What changes does Sam have? Let’s have a look.请学生翻到活动一,听读。跟读。

Step 4 new learning

Today , Amy went to lingling’s house, and she saw lots of photos ,she was very interested in these photos, let’s have a look. Amy到Lingling家做客时,对Lingling家的几张老照片产生了兴趣。让我们一起来看看照片上有哪些人,他们与现在相比有些什么变化。 1. Listen and point。

2.Listen and read after it 。 3. Listen and answer questions:

①Were they Lingling’s parents or grandparents? ②Were they old or young? X k B 1 . c o m

③Who was the little girl in the photo, Amy or Lingling? ④How old was Lingling in the photo? 4. read in roles.

Step5 practice


Step6 task

1. T: Do you like stars? I’ll invite two stars come to our class, now let’s welcome. clap your hand. Can you guess who is the boy. Can you tell their changes ,let’s talk about them .教师出示名星照片,让学生对比他们过去和现在的不同。出示练习模式。

2. 眼力大考察游戏:教师出示已备好的学生的图片,让学生猜测是谁?以及他们现在与过去的区别。并向学生提问相关信息。

3. T: here are some photos.出示大萌子和爸爸在一起的照片,播放音乐《时间都去那了》展示情感目标,Everyone changes as time went by ,but our love in our family will last forever .时间飞逝,真爱永存。

Step7 homework

1. Talk about your changes with your partners . 2. write down your family’s changes then and now.

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