负面现象:The picture presented above is rather upsetting . At first sight of the picture,my eyes are brightened by内容.As is shown in it, such thought provoking scenes abound in our daily lives and usually prevail with the develop rapidly social progress, which will draw our attention us persistently. The author’s real purpose is not the fact itself, but to lead us to find what hides behind the iceberg..

The purpose of this picture is to betray a common and serious problem in our social life .It is most likely that the drawer of this picture intends not only to tell us fact itself but also to set us thinking more about A .Since its concept covers science/humanity人性/ideology思想/economy经济/society社会/nature自然,A is difficult to be defined ,precisely and fixedly. As status as the focus of public concern mainly results from its negligible but harmful influence on individuals .collective .and even the whole society. Nevertheless I hold that the main reasons derive from the given social and economic circumstances

We must keep highly alert of the problems evoked by A ,due to once the harmful influence accumulates to a certain degree and then spreads ,it will surely threaten the development of the whole society.

Though with various reasons and forms ,from the perspective of essence ,the problems brought by originates from the fundamental principle of human ideology and material production .Thus ,we should seek the solutions through setting foot on this principle .owing to the depth and width of A’s harmful influence ,we should draft our solution scientifically and depth and width of deep analysis of A problem.具体措施.We must acquire our power from technology技术/management管理/law法律/culture文化to tackle the problem ,effectively eliminate the shadow of A ,and ensures ourselves a bright future

正面现象A has attracted extensive attention of the society Nowadays

increasingly more argumentations about A can be found in TV programs newspapers university classes and many aspects of our everyday life . At first sight of the picture,my eyes are brightened by内容.

It is most likely that the drawer of this picture intends not only to tell us fact itself but also to set us thinking more about A. what it symbolically reveals is that+图画寓意. A is difficult to be defined ,precisely and fixedly. It is more than clear on this occasion that the drawer of this picture wishes to remind us of such people and such actions. first of all,in addition,people in the need can obtain financial aids经济上帮助,material support物质上支持,mental comfort精神上抚慰,spiritual back感情上支持from A,last but not the least, were there no volunteer spirit,never would we taste the civilization of the modern society.

Taking into account of the factors above,we can safely draw a conclusion that where thereis better A,there are more hope,vitality and development,In view of the importance of such a positive phenomenon,we must,doubtless,establish a coordinated mechanism to ensure its everlasting rewarding effects on our society.When we are benefiting from A. we shall also do our utmost to maintain its vitality to ensure ourselves a brighter future.

资源保护energy and resource saving\\reservation/环境保护environmental protection/人口增长the growth of China’s population/家庭暴力the problem of domestic or family violence/社会保障系统social security system/假冒劣质产品问题counterfeits and unqualified products/食品安全food safety/粮食安全grain security/消费者权益保护问题the protection of consumers’ rights and interests/知识产权保护问题intellectual property protection/学术剽窃academic plagiarism/节约粮食grain conservation/顺境逆境

favorable circumstances and adverse circumstances/勤奋hard

working\\diligence\\painstaking efforts/谨慎prudence and determination/坚持perseverance\\persistence/毅力determination/热情乐观enthusiasm and optimism/博学求知learnedness and seeking knowledge pursuit/活力vitality/强身健体充满活力bursting with vitality and good health/独立independence/


creation\\innovation\\creative mind\\creative thinking/鼓励encouragement/真诚sincerity/仁慈humanity/理解understanding/宽容tolerance/自满being self-satisfied/谦逊being modest/勇敢courage\\bravery/敬业精神professional dedication\\professional ethics/业务水平competence/苦难suffering\\hardship/名人代言celebrity endorsement/微博microblog


1.I should like this massage to be taken as an expression of heartfelt gratitude to you for+目的. 2.If it had not been for your assistance in+帮助内容,I’m afraid that the consequences might have been much more serious. During the+时间,you have given me generous help and continuous guidance by+具体事情. 3.Thus, I really appreciate for your aid. Please accept my gratitude. I hope everything is smoothly. Finally, I feel most obliged to thank you once more. Your sincerely LiMing

道歉信-1.I am writing the letter to express my apology to you for+事件. 2.具体事件内容.In fact, I’m very sorry that I was fully occupied by+具体原因.In addition,弥补措施,And there are some solution you like please tell me. 3.Once again,I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by my fault/resign辞职.At last, hope you can understand my situation and accept my apologies.

询问信-1.My name is, I’m majored in Survey Engineering. I have made up my mind to write to you in the hope that you can provide me with the

information of+事件. 2. The reasons for my urgent need of+东西are as follows:+原因.Therefore, I will be much obliged if you can help me+…Please feel free to call me for further questions. 3.Thank you for your time and patience, and I look forward to your prompt reply.

建议信-1.My name is, I’m majored in Survey Engineering. I’m writing to express my standpoint concerning+事情. And I would like to extend you greatest appreciation of you are so kind as to take my suggestions into consideration. 2.In my humble opinion, In the first place…In addition…As you may find out,these advice will help us+改进成果. 3.I hope that my opinions have been useful. Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me for more questions.

投诉信-Dear manager:1.I am afraid I have to place a complaint against+n. 2.Last week I bought A at your store and when I got it home it did not work at all.When I tried to return it to the store,I was told that I could not change for another one. The sign in your store says the money is returned within 7 days of purchase if any problem exists,and I did that within the side time.Thus I insist that your company could offer a new instead or take me money back. If it is not settled properly, I would further complain to the Consumer Protection Association

邀请信-On behalf of Changsha University of Science and Technology. I would like to invite you to visit our university for (100th anniversary). 2.It would give us great pleasure if you could deliver a speech on the topic of during the visit,because+…I am sure that it would be immensely beneficial to let our schoolfellow know how to be successful like you if you want to share with us. 3.We could appreciate it very much if you could accept our invitation.

祝贺信-It is very cheerful for me to hear that+祝贺事由,I would like to extend my sincere congratulations. 2.I understand for sure that it is your

excellent ability and current achievement that leads you to the outstanding success.Just as the old saying goes, Constant dropping wears away a stone. What’s more ,I am also confident that in the future you will have more successful and deserve the best. 3.Wish you the best luck and every happiness. (promotion升职/graduation毕业/progress进步/achievement成功)

求职信-1.I’m writing to express I am attracted to the position of+职位that have advertised in newspaper of the other day.I wish to be considered as an applicant for the position,and beg to state my qualifications as follows: 2.I’m majored in Survey Engineering, and I will graduate form Changsha University of Science and Technology in 2013.During my academic years,I have shown excellent performance and have been awarded first-class scholarship each year.In addition to my educational background,I have been trained in major courses.Moreover, I have rich work experience in this field due to my work at last vocation.Therefore,I believe I can be of value to your company. 3.My resume for specific information is enclosed. Thank you for your consideration of my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

人生哲理-The author of the picture attempts to covery with a certain amount of acknowledgement the distinctly clear message that A seems to underlie almost all human success.Due attention to this quality has been attached by individuals and even the whole society, otherwise,we can not witness such a prosperity.People with spirit of independence can not only accumulate wealth,but will also establish their career,fit into society,and even attain social status.

For example,Mo Yan,the newly-selected Nobel Laureate in Literature,the excellent embodiment of Chinese dream,who went through an unusual growth history but finally to be a writer who facilitates Chinese literature to step into the spotlight worldwide,perfectly exemplifies with his own glorious personal accomplishment the importance of A.Hardly can he succeed without this attribute,Undeniably were there no the spirit of A,never would we taste the happiness of the successful life.

The picture,to some degree,makes us reflect the conventional success and inspire us to wonder the meaning of life and its permanent spiritual values. A is widely acknowledged as the essential quality that will entitle us not only the material wealth or power.but also the way to make life significant.So the way to gain a meaningful and happiness life is to set momentous goals to ourselves and to the world.continuous efforts to fight for it.