在每小题列出的四个备选答案中,只有一个是符合题目要求的。错涂、多涂或未涂均无分。 1.Lin Wei has no arms,but he plays________piano well with his feet. A.a B.an C./ D.the

2.No Car Day was first started by 34 cities in France________September 22.1998. A.on B.in C.for D.at

3.Alice began to travel all over the world in her early________. A.thirteen B.thirty C.thirties D.thirtieth

4.A ticket from Shanghai to Hangzhou________156 yuan for a fist?class seat of the highspeed train. A.uses B.pays C.spends D.costs

5.Please remember that failure is the mother of________. A.study B.success C.work D.health 6.Which one means “No Turns”?

7.It is the first American movie of this kind ________I've seen. A.which B.that C.what D.when

8.A Disneyland Park________in Shanghai Pudong New Area in the near future. A.builds B.has been built C.will built D.will be built

9.Don't keep the windows________.It's too hot in the room. A.close B.closing C.closed D.to close

10.The coffee is wonderful! It doesn't taste like anything I ________before. A.was having B.had ever had C.have D.have ever had

11.As we all know,Han Han________their idol(偶像)by many young people. A.consider as B.is regarded as C.is thought out D.treated for

12.The lights in her office are off.She________be out. A.can't B.can C.must D.mustn't 13.Let's do it________.There is only one minute left. A.hardly B.slowly C.quickly D.politely

14.Bill Gates was so nice that he decided to________ninety percent of his money to the charities(慈善机构). A.take up B.give away C.get off D.put on

15.—What do you think of the music,Larry? —It________wonderful.

A.looks B.smells C.sounds D.tastes 16.—Here is a bicycle for your birthday,Jason. —Wow!________gift it is!It's my favorite. A.What a delicious B.How delicious C.How nice D.What a nice

17.If I________harder at school,I would have a better job now.

A.work B.worked

C.had worked D.should work

18.The reports about the safety of food________us very worried. A.made B.had C.asked D.told

19.—Do you have any plans about this winter vacation? —I plan to go ________because it's too cold here. A.somewhere cold B.anywhere warm C.somewhere D.anywhere cold

20.—If you feel lonely,you may raise a small pet. —________

A.That's a good idea! B.Where is it? C.You're welcome. D.What about you? 21.—Hello!This is Adam,can I speak to Peter? —________. I'll see if he's in.

A.Hold on,please B.Take your time C.I don't believe it D.I think so

22.Not until all the fish had died in the river,________how serious the pollution was. A.did the villagers realize B.the villagers realized C.the villagers did realize D.didn't the villagers realize

23.Lucy is________than most of the students in class and her best friend Julia always keeps silent,too. A.funnier B.taller C.quieter D.smarter

24.—In many big cities,the traffic condition is very bad.

—Yeah.In Beijing,traffic jams happen________during holidays ________on ordinary days. A.either;or B.not only;but also C.only;and D.neither;nor

25.Nobody but Andy and her sister ________from. A.know where he is B.knows where is he C.know where he is D.know where is he 26.—Please send me a message when you get home. —I________.

A.need B.will C.would D.could 27.It's no use________without________anything. A.talk;doing B.to talk;to do C.told;to do D.talking;doing

28.—Maggie,you grandmother is so special that she seems different from other old ladies. —Everyone in the world is different. So,just________!She always says that. A.control yourself B.be yourself C.help yourself D.take care of yourself

29.Crusoe's dog,________was very old now,became ill and died. A.which B.whom C.whose D.that 30.—I think I'm going crazy. No one understands me. —________,Joe. Everything will be fine. A.Take it easy B.Of course

C.No way D.Don't mention it


在每小题列出的四个备选答案中,只有一个是符合题目要求的。错涂、多涂或未涂均无分。 (A)

Many thousands of years ago,there are no houses such as people live in today. Men sometimes made their homes__31__so as to be safe from their__32__and wild animals;the leaves of the trees would keep the rain and sun__33__.

In cold areas,ancient people used __34__their homes in caves. It was too cold and stormy to live in trees there. As years went on,men__35__more about living in comfort and safety.They__36__their trees and caves and built houses of different materials__37__mud,wood or stones.

During the last hundred years,many new building materials and new methods of building__38__.People now live comfortably in a variety of houses.

__39__design or materials are used,the buildings should be bright,airy and comfortable.Human beings need sunlight and fresh,clean air in order to remain__40__. 31.A.in trees B.in rivers C.on the grass D.on the sand 32.A.friends B.neighbours C.parents D.enemies 33.A.in B.off C.down D.on

34.A.make B.to making C.to make D.to be made 35.A.saw B.watched C.learned D.recognized 36.A.came to B.went on C.arrived D.left 37.A.according to B.and so on C.such as D.for example

38.A.have been discovered B.has been discovered C.had discovered D.has discovered 39.A.No matter where B.No matter what C.No matter when D.No matter who 40.A.weak B.healthy C.happy D.active (B)

Good morning,everyone! Welcome to the new Sea Life Centre at Plymouth.

The Sea Life Centre is a really__41__place. There are __42__things to see here and everything is enjoyable.It costs 3.70 for grown?ups,2 for children and__43___for over sixties and school groups.It is open from 9∶ 00 a.m. to 4∶30 p.m. every day __44__25th and 26th of December.

Special attractions include hourly feeding times for all the different animals and fish,and shows in the sea life theater.__45__is always there to answer questions about what you've seen.__46__you are in a group of six or more people,we can give you a special guided tour of the center.But you__47__to arrange this at the information desk when you arrive.

The most interesting attraction is a big __48__tunnel(隧道)you can walk throngh. All around you,you will see fish__49__sometimes even over your head.You certainly have the clearest view of the undersea world.Children love it and it's really amazing__50__grown?ups,too.

When you get hungry,there is a family dining room serving food. That's all. Have a good time!Thank you.

41.A.boring B.disapppointing C.exciting D.moving 42.A.so many B.so much C.much too D.too much 43.A.little B.less C.few D.more

44.A.beside B.except C.besides D.expect 45.A.Someone B.Anyone C.Everyone D.No one 46.A.Whether B.While C.Until D.If 47.A.decide B.like C.hope D.need 48.A.metal B.wood C.glass D.stone 49.A.swim B.swimming C.to swim D.swims 50.A.on B.for C.with D.in


在每小题列出的四个备选答案中,只有一个是符合题目要求的。错涂、多涂或未涂均无分。 (A)

Here are some advertisements about English language training from newspapers.You may find the information you need.

International English Training Centre

We offer courses for students who wish to continue your education or enter universities in America. We also have a six?week TOEFL preparation (托福预备)class during winter and summer holidays. Entrance Exams:July 1 and Jan. 2 Free sightseeing and social activities

Tel:58879556 Add:12 Jiefang Road,432102 Peace English Training Centre

Special courses in English for business,travel,hotel management and office skills Small classes(12-15 students)on Sat.&Sun.from 2:00-4:00pm Native English teachers from USA 3?month courses;4,500 yuan

Tel:57483920 Add:657 Zhonghui Road,432100

51.If you are planning to apply for an American university,which school will you choose? A.Peace English Training Centre B.Happy English Training Centre C.International English Training Centre D.Modern English Training Centre

52.Happy English Training Centre is suitable for________. A.children B.Businessmen

C.oversea students D.English teachers

53.How is International English Training Centre different from the other two schools? A.Its teaching quality is the best. B.It's near the subway.

C.Its courses are more advanced. D.It needs an entrance examination

54.If you take 6?month courses at Peace English Training Centre,you may pay________. A.6,000 yuan B.9,000 yuan C.4,500 yuan D.8,000 yuan

55.You will probably prefer to go to the Peace English Training Centre because it________. A.has native English teachers B.costs less than the other schools C.has a special course in spoken English D.offers free sightseeing and social activities


When Webster was young,he was a teacher.But he quickly became tired of the books he used in class.They were all about the English people and places.Since he wanted books that would be interesting to the American children,he wrote three books with many American examples.

Webster worked hard to change the spelling of American English. He wanted words to be spelled in the same way they were pronounced,for example,he thought the word“laugh”should be spelled “laf”. And he tried many ways to ask people to help him do this.

One day he walked into a print shop and gave the boy there a piece of paper.“Young man,”he said,“when you print any book in the future,please don't spell the words like the English people do.For example,when you see these words:theatre,centre, colour,and labour,please always print them as theater,center,color and labor.”The boy studied it and answered,“I agree with you,but I must ask my boss first.”

With the money he made from his books,Webster could start his great work,which took him more than twenty years to finish the first American English dictionary.And today,Webster's dictionary is thought to be the most important American English dictionary in the whole world.

56.Webster didn't like the books used in American schools because________ A.he was born in America

B.there were many mistakes in them

C.American children were not interested in them

D.they were too difficult for American children to understand

57.In Webster's opinion,the word “colour” should be spelled as “color” according to its________. A.meaning B.pronunciation C.use D.wording

58.How many books did Webster write? A.Only one B.Two C.Three D.At least four

59.What's the printer's attitude towards Webster's advice? A.He was for it. B.He was against it.

C.He had no idea about it. D.He thought it impossible 60.According to this passage,which of the following is TRUE? A.Webster was s famous American teacher.

B.Webster spent more than two years to finish the dictionary C.Webster wrote the first American English dictionary D.Webster's boss had a print shop (C)

As a treasure with a history of thousands of years,Traditional Chinese Medicine(called “TCM” for short )is a pride of the whole nation.

But to everyone's surprise,there are few products of this Traditional Medicine in China,which can be exported to other countries with the statues of medicine,especially in Europe.

What's the problem and what's the solution to this situation?More than 500 experts and officials from at home and abroad will take part in an international symposium(论坛).This symposium will “give the_prescription” for TCM.

To some experts,the reason why TCM is not popular in the world market is that there is no standard production technique,which is recognized internationally.The materials of TCM are usually plants.Some plants are even poisonous.Many people in western countries are not sure of the cure of disease.They think it is unsafe. And it's