Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to精品教案


Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to精品教案

with the word that describe both things and people and those starting with the word who describe people. Look at the following rules. Show the following to the Ss. 定语从句:

1. 定语从句修饰名词或代词。

2. 定语从句通常紧跟被修饰的名词或代词。 3. 引导定语从句的关系代词如下: 主格



指代人 who whom / who whose that that 指代物 which

which whose / of which

that that

当关系代词在从句中作宾语时,关系代词可以省略。 T: Please read these sentences aloud. Show the following to the Ss. 1. I like music that has great lyrics.

2. The girl who sings very well is a famous singer. 3. He prefers songs that the singers sing the words clearly. 4. She only likes music that is quiet and gentle. 5. He only likes the students who are never moody. 6. He has a brother who is studying English in America.

7. Teachers are people who work in schools, colleges and universities. ...

T: Now, please translate the following sentences into English. When you translate, try to use the relative clauses with that and who. Show the sentences on the screen. 1. Mary 丢了她上周买的那本书。 2. 英语说得很好的那个女孩来自纽约。 3. 迈克昨天看的那部电影很有趣。

4. 你认识正在看报的那个男孩吗? 5. 那是我们都感兴趣的话题。(topic) Sample answers:

1. Mary lost the book that she bought last week.

2. The girl who speaks English very well comes from New York. 3. The film that Mike saw yesterday is very inter-esting. 4. Do you know the boy who is reading the news-paper? 5. It is a topic that we are all interested in.

Step III Reading (3a: P46)

T: Many people, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or weak, like music. Can you imagine how boring life would be without music? The following is a poem written by a 12-year-old girl, and she expressed her deep love for music. Enjoy it! Show the poem on the screen. Music is My Soul Music is the air I breathe, the rhythm fills my heart. The melody takes me away

to a place where the words form shelter. I want to stay in the place forever and fall asleep in the words.

I would stay there because music is my soul. Music is the food I eat. The sweet taste fills my insides. The sound keeps my heart pumping and keeps me under control. I want to eat this food forever and get lost in the taste. I will do this because music is my soul.

Music is my life I live it. I make it. I love it.

I do this because music is my soul. Ask the Ss to talk about the above poem.

T: People who love music may feel music. What can you feel in the poem? S1: I can feel a deep love in it. S2: Music is everything for the writer. S3: Music makes her lost.

T: I believe she would feel depressed if there were no music in her life. Here’s another girl who loves music very much, too. Her name is Jennifer, and she has talked about her favorite CD in a review. Please read and learn about her favorite CD in activity 3a. Then match the sentence parts. Check the answers with the Ss.

Step IV Role Play and Pairwork(3b, 4: P46)

Ask the students to make their own conversations modeled after 3b.

T: Now think of the CDs you have listened to recently. Talk about one of them with your partners, then ask and answer questions in 3a. Sample conversation 1:

S1: What CD did you listen to recently?

S2: I listened to one called Sunlight and Gentle Rain. S1: What do you think of it? S2: I enjoy it a lot. S1: Why?

S2: The singers sing the words clearly. I prefer singers who sing the words clearly. Sample conversation 2:

S1: What’s the name of your favorite CD?

S2: My favorite CD is called The Songs that Mother Sing.

S1: Why do you like it?

S2: Because when I am listening to some songs in it, I feel I am a little child in mother’s arms.

S1: What do you dislike about this CD? S2: Its price is fairly high.

S1: Then what does it remind you of?

S2: The songs remind me of the happy days that I spent with my mother in the country.

Ask the students to complete the survey in 4 on page 46.

T: Well done. Next please work in groups and make a survey in your groups and then complete the survey in 4. A sample version:

S1: I like groups that wear really cool clothes.

S2: That’s not really important to me. I like groups that can sing. S1: What’s your favorite group?

S2: My favorite is the group that can play different kinds of music. S1: I love singers who sing really good songs.

S2: That’s not really important to me. I love singers who are very beautiful /


S1: Who’s your favorite singer?

S2: My favorite is the singer who can sing lyrics really well, for example, Deng Lijun. S1: I can’t stand music that is too loud and noisy.

S2: That’s not really important to me. I can’t stand music that doesn’t have clearly-pronounced words. S1: What’s your favorite music?

S2: My favorite is the music that I can sing along with. S1: I don’t like musicians who don’t write their own music.

S2: That’s not really important to me. I don’t like musicians who wear shabby clothes. S1: Who’s your favorite musician?

S2: My favorite is the musician who writes really great lyric music.

Step V Summary and Homework

T: In this class we practiced expressing preferences and the reasons why people like something. I hope you will practice more after class. Make another survey about different people’s different preferences including your classmates’ and write down your survey results.

Period 3 Vocabulary building

Language goals 语言目标

1. Words && expressions 生词和短语 scary, monster

2. Key sentences 重点句子 (P47) I like movies that have scary monsters. Ability goals 能力目标

Enable the Ss to express their own opinions on different kinds of things in life. Emotion && attitude goals 情感和态度目标 Enable the Ss to enjoy different kinds of things in life. Strategy goals 策略目标

Enable the Ss to describe different things that they like. Culture awareness goals 文化意识目标 Enable the Ss to express different preferences. Teaching important points 教学重点 How to describe different things that one likes. Teaching procedures and ways 教学过程与方式

Step I Revision

T: At the end of last period, I asked you to make another survey. Have you finished it? Ss: Yes.

T: Who would like to announce your survey results? S: Let me have a try. ...

Sample answers:

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