必修三U302 Language learning


必修三U302 Language learning

2012级英语必修三导学案 编号:U302 编制人: 王松林 王咏 周婧 周豪 审核人: 审批人: 使用时间:2013年 3 月 22 日

Unit3 The Million Pound Bank Note

Period 2 Language learning

Class_________ Group_________ Name:______________ Score:__________ Teaching aims:

1. To master the usage of 5 words, 4phrases.

2. To use them flexibly through self-directed study and cooperation. 3. To be passionate and enjoy the pleasure of learning.


1. Solve problems and recite examples and language points crazily.(15 minutes) 2. Have a one-to-one checking of the words and phrases.(5 minutes) 3. Discuss the usage of language points. (15 minutes) 4. Consolidate. (10 minutes) I. Words and phrases:( 方法引导: 自学词汇解释和例句,根据例句梳用双色笔划出重点意义和用法,理单词的用法,然后背诵例句) 构建知识树 1. scene n. (1) (戏剧或电影中的)一场;片段,场景;场面 The scene of the play is the king’s palace. 剧中的这场在王宫。 The scene in the hospital was very moving. 在医院的那一场面十分感人. (2) 事发地点 The scene of the novel is set in Scotland. 小说中的事是在苏格兰发生的. (3) (现实生活中的)情景;景色;景致 The boats in the harbor make a beautiful scene. 港湾中的船只构成了美丽的景象. (4) 吵闹; 发脾气 We had a big scene when I fired him. 我解雇他时, 我们大吵起来. 拓展: scenery n.风景;景色;风光 come on the scene 出场 behind the scenes 在幕后;暗中 on the scene 当场 make a scene 大吵大闹 2. permit 归纳总结: (1)vt /vi 许可;允许;准许 We don’t permit smoking in our office.. ___________________________ 在我们办公室不准吸烟 允许某事/做某事 Will you permit us to leave now? 你准许我们现在离开吗? ___________________________ His health does not permit him to come. 允许某人做某事 他的健康(状况)不允许他来。 If weather permits, we’ll go swimming in the river tomorrow. 如果天气允许的话,我们明天就去河里游泳。

(2)n. 通行证;许可证;执照 You can’t work here without a permit. 你没有许可证就不能在这里工作。 归纳总结: 3. spot spot sb./sth. (1)Vt. 发现;认出;看见;注意到 _________________________ He spotted a mistake in the accounts. 他在账目中发现了一个错误。 spot sb./sth. doing She spotted her friend in the crowd. _________________________ 她在人群中认出了她的朋友。 The police spotted him leaving the building soon afterwards. on the spot 警察发现他事后不久就离开了那幢大楼。 _________________________ (2)n. 污点;斑点;地点; She was wearing a black skirt with white spots. 她穿着一条黑底白点的裙子。 Luckily there was a doctor on the spot. 幸运的是现场有一位医生。 4. account (1)vi 说明(…的原因);解释;总计有(与for 连用) 归纳总结: Please account for your own conduct. account for 请你对自己的行为作出解释。 __________________________ Sugar accounts for nearly half of that country’s export. open an account 食糖几乎总计占有那个国家出口货物的一半。 __________________________ (2) vt. 认为 a full account of He was accounted a wise man. __________________________ 他被认为是个聪明人。 (3) n. 账户,账目;叙述;报告 I’m going to the bank to open a new account. 我打算去银行开个新账户。 She gave the police a full account of the incident. 她向警方详尽地叙述了所发生的事情 The two accounts of the accident do not agree. 有关这次事件的两则报道不一致。 拓展: accountant n. 会计;会计师 accountable adj. 负有责任的;有说明义务的 短语:on no account 决不 on account of 由于;因为 (与 because of, due to意思相近) take account of = take…into account 考虑到…/把…考虑进去 Eg. When judging his performance, don't take his age into account. 评定他的表现时, 不必考虑他的年龄. 归纳总结: 5. seek(vt/vi) (sought, sought) 寻找;探索;寻求;试图,企图 seek for/ after They are seeking for solutions to the problems _________________________ 他们正在寻找这些问题的解决方法。 seek to do sth He sought to speak to her. 他寻找机会去与她说话 _________________________ We should constantly seek advice from the masses. seek sth from sb 我们应当经常征求群众的意见。 _________________________ 1

2012级英语必修三导学案 编号:U302 编制人: 王松林 王咏 周婧 周豪 审核人: 审批人: 使用时间:2013年 3 月 22 日

拓展: seek sb/ sth out 找出或找到某人/物 seek one’s fortune 寻找致富及成功之路 归纳总结: 6. bring up ①抚养;教育,培养(常用于被动语态) ②呕吐 ③提出 查词典写出bring 短语的意思: Jack was brought up by his uncle bring about 杰克是由他叔叔抚养成人的 bring back The woman suddenly fell ill and brought up what she ate. bring down 那位女士突然病倒并且呕吐不止。 bring in The chairman brought up a problem for discussion. bring out 主席提出一个问题供大家讨论。 7. go ahead 先走,前面走;进步,进展;往下说,干吧,说吧(多用于归纳总结: 祈使句,鼓励对方) go相关的其他短语有: You go ahead and tell them (that) we’re coming. 你先走一步告诉他们说我们来了。 Despite the bad weather, the journey will go ahead 尽管天气不好,旅行将照常进行。 --May I use your phone? 我能用一下你的电话吗? --Yes, go ahead. 行啊,用吧! 8. by accident 偶然地;意外地 (= by chance) I met her by accident. 我偶然遇见她。 He made this mistake by accident. 他犯这个错误纯属偶然。 拓展:反义on purpose 故意地,并非偶然地 by mistake 错误地 by no means 决不,并没有 9. take a chance (= take the chance/ take chances) 冒险;碰运气 I'm afraid to take a chance with beginners. 我害怕和新手一起冒险。 You should never take chances when driving a car. 开车的时候你从不应碰运气。 拓展: by chance偶然地 give sb. a chance 给某人一次机会 have a chance of (doing) sth.有做某事的机会 The chance is (that)… 可能是… 预习自测

用所给词和短语的正确形式完成下列句子。 scene adventure fault patience bet rude unbelievable scream indeed stare at in rags as for/to on the contrary 1. A trip to a forest is quite a(n) ____________. 2. The first ________ of the play is very moving. 3. I ______ that he will fail in the exam.

4. I wouldn’t have the __________ to sit mending watches all day.

5.It’s______________ that they’ve permitted this trial(审讯) to go ahead.

6. You misunderstand me. It’s not my ________. 7. It’s ________ to speak when you’re eating. 8. He covered her mouth to stop her from __________.

9. You didn’t bother me. _________________, I like your company. 10. It's bad manners to_____________ people.

11. A poor woman dressed ______________ was struggling on lonely street. 12. A friend in need is a friend _________. 13.__________ the cost, it will be very little.


I. 根据自己预习所学的词汇和语法知识,用所给词完成下面的句子。

要求:认真、规范书写。 分层目标:

C层:熟练掌握单词、短语和句型的用法和例句。 B层:使用本单元所学的单词、短语和句型造句。 A层:灵活运用所学的语言知识。

1. Bad weather _____________________ the long delay.(account) 恶劣天气导致长时间的延迟。

2. I ________________________ when the accident happened.(spot) 事故发生时,我在场。

3. Will you _________________________ the room for a meeting this afternoon? ( permit) 你能允许我们今天下午用这个房间开会吗?

4. Even in New York you can see __________________. (dress) 甚至在纽约,你会看到许多人穿得破破烂烂。

5. ____________________, I’m not telling you anything. (as) 关于我的过去,我不会告诉你任何事。

6. Whether _________________ or on purpose, he arrived too late to help us. ( accident) 不管是偶然地还是故意地,他来帮助我们时都太迟。

7. I ____________________ to spend my holidays abroad, where it seldom rains. (chance) 我不冒险去国外少雨的地方度假。

8. He went to south _________________________ after graduation. (seek) 他毕业后去南方寻求成功。

9. Her parents died when she was a baby and she ___________________ by her aunt. (bring) 她出生后不久父母死亡,是由姑母抚养大的。 10. ___________________________, we decided to put off our meeting. (account) 考虑到天气,我们决定推迟我们的会议。

II. 合作探究,精彩点评

III. 当堂检测 疯狂背诵


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