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A.they jog along the picturesque campus B.they switch sports programs to a movie

C.they celebrate their fourth year by jumping into a lake D.they swim in Cayuga Lake accompanied by friends 51. The change after turning into a coed college is that __ A. dirty looks in women's eyes have disappeared B. women get up early to make up C. women are waking up early to study

D. women dance with men around the maypole 52. The attitude of the author is that

A. she hates a tradition of all-women schools B. she calls on women in support of the protest C. she dislikes the change and hopes to file a lawsuit

D. she objectively describes the new and uneasy coeducation 53. Which of the following statements is Not true?

A. The enrollment of male students caused controversy. B. The grandchildren of the college founder benefited most. C. The current president of the college was also its graduate.

D. The founder hoped to give women opportunities of higher education.

But what is teacher quality? How can one measure it reliably?

An analysis is issued on a sample of data from a Texas school district. Experts argue convincingly that teacher effectiveness should be measured by students' gains on standardized tests: Mr. Smith is presumably a better teacher than Ms. Brown if his students consistently improve their test scores more than hers do.

Though this approach is appealing, there are tricky issues. For example, what if Ms. Brown teaches in a school where students score so high there is little room for improvement?

The authors try to correct for this problem, as well as other sorts of measurement issues, to generate a measurement of teacher effectiveness. The paper is primarily concerned with how this measure is related to other observable teacher characteristics. The first finding is that there is a large variation in teacher effectiveness: some teachers consistently have a larger impact on their students' achievement than others.

Second, easily observable characteristics like having a master's degree or a passing score on the teacher certification exam are not correlated with teacher effectiveness.

Then what does matter? The most important single influence is experience: first-year teachers are much less effective than others. The second year is significantly better, and by the fourth year, most teachers hit their stride.

It is not entirely clear whether this experience effect is learning by doing (the more you teach, the more effective you become) or survival of the fittest (those who are not good at teaching tend to drop out early).

中国最大的教育门户网站 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

中国最大的教育门户 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

From my reading of the paper, both effects appear important and there is no simple answer. The data do suggest, however, that teacher effectiveness is pretty clear by the end of the second year, so the information to make an informed decision is available at that time.

The authors also investigate the contentious issue of racial matching of students and teachers. Here they find strong evidence that minority teachers tend to be more effective with minority students. Again, it is unclear whether this is because of a role model effect (students repond better to a teacher of their own race) or an empathy effect (teachers empathize better with students of their own race) or something else entirely.

The authors also look at teacher mobility. There is some evidence that teachers who quit teaching or switch schools tend to be below average in effectiveness. This is consistent with the survival-of-the-fittest model.

54. The schoolmaster could decide wisely whether to further employ the teacher by the end of the ________.

A. the first year B. the second year C. the third year D. the fourth year 55. The phrase \

A. reach their normal level B. become confident C. walk with long steps D. get bored 56. The author of this passage holds the view that

A. teachers will perform better with time passing

B. ineffective teachers should leave earlier rather than later C. teacher's effectiveness is apparent after a couple of years D. a master's degree will improve teacher's effectiveness

57. Why do black teachers tend to be more effective with black students? A. Students feel secure, so they respond better.

B. Teachers sympathize with students of their own race. C. There are entirely some other identified reasons. D. The reasons are far from clear and definite. 58. Which of the following may serve as the best rifle? A. Tenure, Turnover and the Quality of Teaching B. Impact of Teacher Quality on Student Learning C. Different Sorts of Measurement Issues

D. Survival-of-the-fittest Model vs. Learning-by-doing Model


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中国最大的教育门户网站 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

中国最大的教育门户 E度高考网www.gaokao.com


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89.“世界从何而来?”这一西方哲学的热门话题,由一中国圣贤作了简明扼要的回答:“无,名天地之始;有,名万物之母”;“天下万物生于有,有生于无”。 A.孔子 B.孟子 C.老子 D.墨子

90.《资治通鉴》卷九有如下一段文字:“十一月,沛公悉召诸县父老、豪杰,谓日:“父老苦秦苛法久矣!吾与诸侯约,先入关者王之;吾当王关中。” 问:文中“沛公”当指以下哪个帝王?________

A.汉武帝 B.汉高祖 C.楚霸王 D.楚怀王

91.湖南岳麓书院有一对联,上联为“惟楚有材于斯为盛”;下联为“沅生芷草澧育兰花”, 为冯友兰所书。

问:上联中所谓“惟楚有材”, 是因为________。 A.古时湖南为楚地 B.芷兰盛产于楚地 C.岳麓书院多人才 D.冯氏出生在楚地 92.在儒家思想逐渐成为中华民族传统精神主干的过程中,有三位思想家的作用举世公认:



问:董仲舒提出上述主张,中国出于________时期。 A.西周 B.东周 C.西汉 D.东汉

93. “单于”最初为中国古代北方游牧民族首领的称号,唐朝诗人卢纶亦曾作有《塞下曲》,提及“单于”:“月黑雁飞高,单于夜遁逃。欲将轻骑逐,大雪满弓刀。”

问:诗中的“单于”当指________民族的首领。 A.匈奴 B.女真 C.突厥 D.回纥

94.美籍华裔史学家黄仁宇在《中国大历史》中写道:“北宋之东北是X X所成立的朝代一 一辽。X X属蒙古语系,他们活跃于中国东北地区已逾300年,即使仿效中国朝代所成立的辽,也比宋早出现53年。”

问:题中两处××的,是一古时民族的名称。该民族是________。 A.回纥 B.吐蕃 C.契丹 D.女真

95.江苏无锡东林书院遗址(今东林小学)内有一楹联:“风声雨声读书声,声声入耳;家事国事天下事,事事关心。”某史籍曾对当年东林书院情景作如是评论:“讲习之余,往往讽议朝政,裁量人物。朝士慕其风者,多遥相应和。” 问:该点评当年东林书院情景的史籍当为________。

A.《唐史》 B.《宋史》 C.《元史》 D.《明史》 96.在中国与某西方列强签署的不平等条约中,有下列条款:“合众国贸易船只进中国五港

口湾泊,仍归各领事等官督同船主人等经管,中国无从统辖。” 问:此条款当出自________。

A.南京条约 B.天津条约 C.望厦条约 D.黄埔条约


中国最大的教育门户网站 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

中国最大的教育门户 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

言中提出“中 国“(China)一词的渊源是“秦”(Chin)的观点。 问:当时来华的卫匡国,当属________的传教士。

A.方济各会 B.多明;戋会 C.耶稣会 D.浸礼会 98.X X年1月18日下午,日本驻华公使日置益向袁世凯递交了日本对中国的“21条要求”, 并称:“今次如能承允所提条件,则可证明日华亲善,日本政府对袁总统亦可遇事相助。”

问:题中X X的年份,当为________。

A.1915年 B.1916年 C.1917年 D.1918年 99.“一张黑粗泛黄的羊皮纸,静静地躺在玻璃板下幽暗的光影里。这张单薄的羊皮纸,就是距今已有约八百年历史的《大宪章》,虽然它的边缘已经残破,当年用羽毛笔书写的字迹也早已模糊,却成为对君主权力进行限制的永久见证。”________电视纪录片《大国崛起》解说词

问:这段解说词当用以叙述片中________的崛起。 A.西班牙 B.荷兰 C.英国 D.法国 100.请阅读下列年表: 330年 君士坦丁大帝迁都君士坦丁堡。 527年 查士丁尼一世成为皇帝。

532年一537年 查士丁尼一世修建“索菲亚大教堂”。 1054年 丁堡教会和罗马教廷决裂,成为希腊东正教。 1204年 十字军东征,君士坦丁堡被十字军攻陷。 1261年 迈克尔八世?帕里奥洛加斯解放君士坦丁堡。 1453年 君士坦丁堡沦陷,帝国灭亡。 问:该年表反映了________的兴亡。

A.西罗马帝国 B.东罗马帝国 C.阿拉伯帝国 D.奥斯曼帝国


问:上文中提到的“新教”,在当今中国又被称为________。 A.基督教 B.天主教 C.罗马公教 D.希腊正教

102. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States,which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court,and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. ________me Constitution of the United States of America(1787) Question:the principle emphasized above was originated by_______。 A.Locke B.Diderot C.Montesquieu D.Voltaire

103.1854年,日本洋学家佐久间象山依日本原有的“和魂汉才”主张,明确提出了“东洋.道德,西洋艺术”的主张(艺术=技术)。这一主张后被更凝练地概括为“和魂洋才”。 问:佐久问象山提出这一主张时,日本正处于________。 A.江户幕府初期 B.江户幕府末期 C.明治维新初期 D.明治维新末期

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中国最大的教育门户 E度高考网www.gaokao.com

104.任何一种文明,均由其基本的政治、经济、文化结构。一般认为,农村公社、斯拉夫 精神、东正教,构成了×x的“鼎形文明”结构。 问:题中××处应填人________。

A.拜占庭 B.伊斯兰 C.俄罗斯 D.古希腊


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A.1kg/A.s2 B.1kg.m/A.s2 C.1kg.m2/s2 D.1kg.m2/A.s2 106.一束单色光从空气射入水中,则________。 A.光的颜色、频率不变,而波长、波速都变小 B.光的颜色、频率、波长都不变,只有波速变小 C.光的颜色、波长不变,而频率、波速都变小 D.光的频率变小,而颜色、波长、波速都不变

107.一物体静止在光滑水平面上,先对物体施加一水平向右的恒力F,,经过时间t秒后撤 去F1,立即再对它施加一水平向左的恒力F2,又经过时间t秒后物体回到出发点。在这一过程中,力F,和与F2的大小关系是________。 A.F2=Fl B.F2=2F1 C.F2=3F1 D.F2=5F1

108.两放射性元素样品A与B,当A有15/16的原子核发生了衰变时,B恰好有63/64的原子核发生了衰变,则A与B的半衰期之比TA:TBB应为________。 A.2:3 B.3:2 C.5:2l D.21:5


A.减少4,减少4 B.增加2,减少10 C.减少10,增加2 D.增加4,减少8

110.真空中有一孤立的带正电的点电荷,该点电荷电场中的一条电场线及其方向如图所示, 电场线上有A、B两点,现将另一带电量很小的负电荷先后放在A、B两点,该负电荷在A、B两点受电场大小分别为FA、FB,所具有的电势能分别为8 A、8 B,以下判断中正确的是 ________。 A.FA>FB, B.FA>FB, C.FA


A.40伏 B.8*103伏 C.100伏 D.10伏 112.经典理论中,氢原子中的电子(电量为1.6*10-19库仑)在半径为0.53*10-10。米的圆形轨道上以6.6*1015赫兹的频率运动,则轨道中的电流为________。 A.1.06*104 B.1.06*10-3 C.1.06*10-5 D.1.6*10-6

113.如图所示,金属杆MN在三角形金属框架上以速度v从图示位置起向右作匀速滑动,框架夹角为0,杆和框架由粗细均匀截面积相同的同种材料制成,则回路中的感应电动势 和电流I随时间t变化的规律分别是下图中的________。 114.如图质量分别为m1和m2的物体A、B静止在光滑水平板上,其间有一被压缩的轻弹 簧,长板可以绕O轴转动,另一端用细绳悬于c点。现将弹簧释放,在A、B分别滑向板端的过程中,细绳上的拉力________。

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